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      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [more]2012-02-06
      atom [a very small part of all things; the smallest part of an element that can join with parts of other elements]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [Z]2012-02-06
      zoo [a place where animals are kept for the public to look at and study]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [Y]2012-02-04
      yet [(1) at some time before now; (2) now; (3) at this time; (4) however]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [W]2012-02-04
      wall [(1) the side of a room or building formed by wood, stone or other material; (2) a structure sometimes used to separate areas of land]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [V]2012-02-03
      [(1) anything on or in which a person or thing can travel or be transported, especially anything on wheels; (2) a car or truck]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [U]2012-02-03
      a place of education that usually includes several colleges and research organizations
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [T]2012-02-02
      the money a person or business must pay to the government so the government can provide services
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [S]2012-02-02
      the study of nature and the actions of natural things, and the knowledge gained about them
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [R]2012-02-01
      [(1) to act against a government or power, often with force; (2) to refuse to obey; (3) one who opposes or fights against the government of his or her country]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [Q]2012-02-01
      [(1) to ask; (2) to express wonder or disbelief; (3) a sentence or word used in asking for information; (4) a problem; (5) an issue to be discussed]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [P]2012-01-29
      He jumps from an airplane and his parachute lets him fall slowly to the ground.
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [O]2012-01-29
      She said she became a judge because she believed that people must obey the laws.
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [N]2012-01-28
      name [(1) to appoint; (2) to nominate; (3) to give a name to; (4) a word by which a person, animal or thing is known or called]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [M]2012-01-28
      Our copy machine always seems to stop working when I have a lot of documents to copy.
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [L]2012-01-27
      light [(1) a form of energy that affects the eyes so that one is able to see; (2) anything that produces light; (3) bright; (4) not heavy]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [K]2012-01-27
      know [(1) to understand something as correct; (2) to have the facts about; (3) to recognize someone because you have met and talked together before]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [J]2012-01-26
      jail [a prison for those waiting to be tried for a crime or for those serving sentences for crimes that are not serious]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [I]2012-01-26
      industry [(1) any business that produces goods or provides services; (2) the work and related activity in factories and offices; (3) all organizations involved in manufacturing]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [H]2012-01-21
      hard [(1) not easily cut or broken; (2) solid; (3) difficult to do or understand; (4) needing much effort or force]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [G]2012-01-21
      god [(1) the spirit that is honored as creator of all things; (2) a spirit or being believed in many religions to have special powers]
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [F]2012-01-19
      He was a free man after being found not guilty.
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [E]2012-01-19
      Congress approved the spending of 450 million dollars for aid to education.
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [D]2012-01-17
      Some doctors say the illegal drug marijuana can reduce bad effects of treatment with anti-cancer chemicals.
      VOA慢速英語1500基礎單詞 [C]2012-01-17
      I like to buy items in the custom-free store because there are no taxes to pay on the purchase.