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      AP NEWS一分鐘,是美聯社(Associated Press)推出的長度約一分鐘的新聞簡訊形式的報道。它因短小簡潔、時效性強,深受廣大英語愛好者追捧。美聯社是美國最大的通訊社,也是國際性通訊社之一,全稱為“美國聯合通訊社”,英文簡稱AP。 馬克·吐溫曾說:“給地球各個角落帶來光明的只有兩個:天上的太陽和地上的美聯社。”“美聯社時事精華,一分鐘展現鮮活世界”不但是英語聽力訓練的好素材,也是通曉國際時事的窗口。

      The city that never sleeps was brought with stand still for a couple of hours Wednesday, because of this. A white fan that had been part for some time in Times square forced authories to clear out a couple of blocks and buildings just to give the all-clear of little wall later.
      The government is promising a review of airport security and the system for checking suspicious travelers after an alleged terrorist bent on destroying a jetliner came close to succeeding.
      It is the season for reindeer,meat,that is .well,much of the US has an image of reindeer pulling a certain sleigh.Some residents in **simply see a good breakfast.Reindeer has been a stable of diets here for years.
      This post was generated by put listening repetition system, Check the original dictation thread!
      good morning senator.good morning,merry chrismas maggie,thank you,I wangt to make sure that everybody understand that while this vote is definitely momentous.
      These are no tiny elves. Elephants serve as Santa’s helpers in Thailand today, giving out Christmas presents to hundreds of school kids. The holiday event has become an annual tradition at the school.
      A Brazilian stepfather has admitted in a local television interview that he tried to kill his two-year-old stepson by sticking him with sewing needles. The man said he did together get back at his ex-wife. The man and his lover are currently in jail.
      Toyota says it will start selling plug-in hybrid vehicles to consumers in 2011 at an affordable price. About 600 of the vehicles will be introduced in Japan, the US and Europe starting this month.
      A Bralian stepfather had admitted in a local televison interview that he is trying his two-year-old stepson by sticking him with sewing neddles. The man said he did together that with his ex-wife, The man and his lover are currently in jail.
      This goats is breathing for a major wintry blast of 20 inches snow for victed areas in Washington DC between Friday night and Sunday. The storm already cause bloody problems in the south.
      the chairman of the joint chief staff says the insurgency in Afghanastan has grown in the past 3 years.Admiral Mike Mullen says sending 30,000 more US troops is an attempt to slow that momentum.Mullen spoke to about a thousand marines in camp zone.
      Check out this huge waves in Hawaii for a surf competeted in the annual comepetition known as the Eddie. The contest only takes place where average wave heights are about 20 feet.
      The Iraqi parliament wants security officials to appear before a special session to answer questions about yesterday's deadly bombing.The four designed attacks killed at least 127 people . It was the third large-scale attacks against parliamental building in Baghdad since August.
      The Environmental Protection Agency has taken a major step toward regulating greenhouse gases, saying they are threat to the public health.
      You can call it miracle or mistake, but the small one is wondering hatching home and has renewed face of at least one Texes family, just the time for Christmas.
      You can call it miracle or mistake, but the small one is wondering hatching home and has renewed face of at least one Texes family, just the time for Christmas.
      The world cup draw in over, with the united of states facing off against England for starters, the match up playing LA galaxy player * and David Beceham against each other, the old couple * in June, when * faces Mexico.
      American student Amanda Knox could learn her fate today inside an Italian court room. She is accused of murder and sexual assault in the death of her roommate Meredith Kercher back in 2007. If convicted, Knox could face life in prison.
      The end is in sight, for Bobby Bowden, the long time coach of the Florida state Seminoles will retire after this year's ballgame. Bowden won two titles at Florida State in a total of 388 games in his career.
      And a 26-year-old man who lost his own hand learned how to control a robotic one with his mind. The month-long experiment was the longest of its kind, and could usher in the new era in controlling prosthetic limbs.
      And check out this surveillance video from a dry cleaner in Phoenix. No one was hurt but workers say it's the third time in recent years a car has barreled into their business.
      And smooth sailing, that's what some travelers were saying Sunday about their holiday travel home. Many fliers at Regan National Airport in Arlington said it appeared to them there were less people taken to the air this year than in previous years.
      Two giant pandas from China were welcomed to Australia on Saturday with gifts of bamboo before setting into their home at the Adelaide zoo. The four-year-old male and three-year-old female are on loan to the zoo for ten years.
      Two Florida Highway Patrol vehicles entered the gated community where Tiger Woods lives Saturday afternoon. Police say they want to learn more about what caused Woods to crash his SUV.
      Black Friday has arrived with shoppers across the country up thoroughly this morning in search of holiday bargains. With the economy still struggling, many analysts expect retail sales to be about flat compared to last year.
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