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      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-30)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Cathy Clarkston.The United States Central Bank, the Federal Reserve, has announced plans for another huge spending package to stimulate the American economy, as new figures show it sh
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-29)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Julie Chandler.Senior advisors to the American President-elect Barack Obama say the economic stimulus package under preparation should be much bigger than earlier expected. His aides
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-28)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Fiona McDonald.Leaders from the 21 countries of the Asia-Pacific Economic Forum, or APEC, have pledged not to raise new barriers to trade or investment within the next 12 months and t
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-26)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Fiona McDonald.After days of heavy losses, stock markets in the United States have surged amid reports that President-elect Barack Obama will nominate the President of the New York Fe
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-27)2009-01-31
      英國足總鼓勵人們踢足球(English FA Encourage People Playing Football)這個星期,英國足球總會宣布投入4億美元現金建設足球場的草皮。這是新五年規劃的一部分,國家比賽戰略組旨在鼓勵更多人參與這項運動,優化設施,聘請
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-23)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Michael Poles.
      The United States Navy says the hijacking of a giant Saudi oil tanker on the high seas by Somali pirates is unprecedented, and marks a fundamental shift in their capab
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-24)2009-01-31
      《愛在瘟疫蔓延時》(Love in the Time of Cholera)隔絕和錯覺也是《愛在瘟疫蔓延時》所陳現的主題,這部新電影是根據一本小說改編,它是由哥倫比亞的諾貝爾獲獎者、被稱為魔幻現實主義教父的加夫列爾·加西亞·馬爾克斯
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-25)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Ian Purdon.The United Nations Security Council has voted unanimously to send a further 3,000 peacekeepers to the Democratic Republic of Congo. The mission will have around 20,000 pers
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-22)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Marian MarshallThe leaders from 20 of the world’s biggest economies have agreed a six-point action plan to stimulate worldwide economic growth at their summit in Washington. They als
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-21)2009-01-31
      間諜科技展(The Science of Spying) 我現在站在一個面部掃描儀旁。使用它的第一步是刷卡,我正在刷。接下來的過程中我將要把下巴擱在下巴架上,然后凝視一個相當大的凹面遠景。在凝視的過程中會有很多相機掃描我的面
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-20)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Roy Lamar.The head of the American Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, Michael Hayden says Al-Qaeda remains the single greatest threat to the US. Mr. Hayden said the war against Al
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-18)2009-01-31
      今年的奧斯卡(This Year's Oscars) 為什么一些重要的電影評論家會擔心最佳外語片的選擇程序在電影界會讓奧斯卡變成笑料呢?在周日的奧斯卡頒獎禮上我們又期望什么呢?在上周所有被推薦的明星都已經公開。本屆奧斯卡
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-19)2009-01-31
      采訪杰夫·戈德布拉姆(Interview with Jeff Goldblum) 為什么一些重要的電影評論家會擔心最佳外語片的選擇程序在電影界會讓奧斯卡變成笑料呢?在周日的奧斯卡頒獎禮上我們又期望什么呢?在上周所有被推薦的明星都已經
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-15)2009-01-31
      《名利場》雜志肖像攝影展(Vanity Fair Portraits)大家好,歡迎回來,我是主持人馬科斯,您現在收聽的是BBC的藝術娛樂節目--《娛樂播報》。現在難道你們對演員斯嘉麗·約翰遜的新聞照片不感興趣了嗎?不?我已經結束了包括
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-17)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Zoe Diamond. Democratic Party leaders in the United States which now has a majority in both Houses of Congress (lower and upper) has confirmed that they are working on a bail-out pack
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-14)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Victoria Meakin. Three Islamic militants convicted of involvement in the 2002 Bali bombings have been executed in Indonesia. The men were shot by firing squad in an island prison off
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-16)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Jonathan Weekley.The Head of the United Nations peacekeeping operations, Alain Le Roy, says more troops are urgently needed to protect civilians in the east of Congo. Mr. Le Roy has a
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-12)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Charles Caro.The President-elect of the United States Barack Obama has said that he will confront the economic crisis head-on when he takes office in January. He said a stimulus packa
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-13)2009-01-31
      《靈異孤兒院》(The Orphanage) 今天我們以一部讓人毛骨悚然的哥特式恐怖片開始,這是一部西班牙影片,叫做《靈異孤兒院》。這個故事是關于勞拉的,她是一位三十多歲的、幸福的已婚婦女,她和她的丈夫還有收養的九歲的兒
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-10)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Jerry Schmitt.Stock markets in United States and Europe have fallen sharply as fears of a global recession continue to grow. In New York, the Dow Jones Index closed almost 5% down, wh
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-11)2009-01-31
      The Artist Bob Dylan(藝術家鮑勃·迪倫) 我們都知道鮑勃·迪倫唱歌的聲音非常獨特。但是他的藝術作品怎么樣呢?這是他畫在專輯封面的一個孩子般的自畫像,這張專輯的名字很恰當地就叫《自畫像》,甚至還可以追溯到1971
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-9)2009-01-31
      英國導演安東尼·明格拉辭世(UK Director Anthony Minghella Passed Away) 名傳奇科幻小說家亞瑟·C·克拉克被譽為科幻小說的"教父",他于本周在斯里蘭卡去世,結束了他的職業生涯,享年90歲。在同一天,著名作家及奧斯卡
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-8)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Jim Lee. The US president-elect Barack Obama has begun forming his new administration. Mr. Obama has asked the Illinois Congressman, Rahm Emanuel, who was once an advisor to President
      BBC News在線聽附文本(2008-11-6)2009-01-31
      BBC News with Nick Kelly.The French and British Foreign Ministers Bernard Kouchner and David Miliband are in the Rwandan capital Kigali on the second leg of their diplomatic mission to try to find