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      The heavy snow that's pounding the northeast, that's keeping the New York Giants from getting home. That's the second time this season that a team can stuck due to bad weather. What makes it worse than they're staying at a Wisconsin hotel is the team's loss to Green Bay yesterday.
      More winter misery for Western Europe.Snow, ice and bitter cold are delaying travellers's racing to get home before Christmas. Germany's Dortmund Airport has shut its doors, Dusseldorf Airport is back open but reporting cancellations.
      A lot of debate over this treaty with executions by Democrats, Republicans stopped the approval simply because they wanted to deny President Obama an important political victory. Now we ask our flash brief analysts: Is it politics, is it a good move, or is this Start Treaty dangerous.
      This is as a result of extreme weather conditions and also to be frank of a bad call on Saturday by the airport operator who was, as it turned out, over-optimistic about their ability to keep the airport open. It maybe that in future, we're gonna to have a plan for this kind of thing happening more often.
      Bill Howard's tanker truck has just been shut down, not by him, but remotely by satellite. It's a feature California's Inner State Oil Company is hoping to put on all of its trucks.
      This is GPS, the Global Public Square. Welcome to all of you in the United States and around the world. I'm Fareed Zakaria.
      I mean retail well the word retail is always the leading sector where you can judge a lot of things for how the economy is going. I mean look at what retail was many years ago.
      Hi, I'm Carl Azuz, and this is CNN Student News, where Fridays are awesome! This one, though, is a little sad, because it's actually our last show of 2010. Before we move ahead into 2011, we're going to look back at some of the biggest stories from this year. And we kick things off with today's headlines.
      Our first goal was to stop the big tax hike that was coming on January the 1st. I’ve made it clear going back over the summer that stopping all of the tax hikes was one of our main priorities for this lame-duck session.
      Well, it's 17 minutes past the hour. Time, now, to travel Cross Country. The first stop, in my old stomping ground, Memphis, Tennessee, where this guy's hair's got him banned from traffic court. Bobby Todd says a bailiff told him he had to leave because of how his 'do looked.
      A lot of protests took place around the city's centre, around parliament, we did have some violence riot at this time, and it started with protesters throwing Molotov cocktails, and the police so responding, things escalated for a while, and the parliament minister is getting attacked by a group of protesters as he was leaving the parliament.
      Mr.Assange will have to stay behind bars because he will either be staying behind bars because there is an appeal and will be in court either late tomorrow or early Thursday.Or, because we haven't got 200,000 pounds which we can deliver to this court in cash.
      Dodging fate and a date with the slaughterhouse. From San Antonio, a reluctant bull tops our look Across Country this morning.
      A federal judge has something to say about the health care reform law. You're going to find out what in today's broadcast. I'm Carl Azuz. CNN Student News starts right now!
      It's a great day for the Constitution today. Today, a Federal Judge here in Richmond ruled that individual mandate that every citizen, nearly every citizen, must buy government-approved health insurance. It's ruled unconstitutional.
      But I know I'm ready. I'm in football shape, and I'm ready to play. At the time, I didn't know I could take a leave of absence at the time. Now I do know, and if the situation comes up again, I would probably take it and go and fulfill my childhood dream and continue playing football.
      Well, Keith Fitzhugh had a dream to play pro football. He followed that dream through high school and college and he was an incredible player. He even made it to two training camps with the New York Jets before being cut.
      323 saying yes, 302 saying no, the measure passes. This information is going to now trickle down to those who were outside.
      First up, a series of meetings in Switzerland that are happening behind closed doors. The subject: Iran’s controversial nuclear program. That Middle Eastern country is on one side of the table.
      9:30 on the East Coast; 6:30 out west. And this just in, new video from outside a London courthouse where the founder of the WikiLeaks website Julian Assange is in court.
      Now that is how you get a show!Poppin'! Thank you gentlemen very much. Welcome, all of you, to a new week of CNN Student News! I'm Carl Azuz, and we thank all our viewers from all over the world for tuning in.
      This meeting takes place at a time of grave concern in northeast Asia amid the provocative attacks from North Korea.We are committed to our partners and we are committed to the preservation of peace and stability in northeast Asia and on the Korean peninsula.
      From north to south to east to west, from sea to shining sea, the American people are united in support of you and your families. As your Commander-in-Chief, I also want you to know that we will do whatever it takes to make sure that you have the strategy and the resources and the equipment and the leadership to get this done.
      The 2018 FIFA World Cup, 2018 FIFA World Cup, Ladies and gentleman, will be organized in Russia. The winner to organize the 2022 FIFA World Cup is Qatar. For 2018 and 2022 we go to new lands, because never the World Cup has been held on one side in the Russia or in Eastern Europe. It is a new land until it go to Middle East and Middle East for waiting.