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      CRI News Report:2nd World Agroforestry Congress ...2009-08-31
      Plant trees, more trees...That's a message of a high profile international conference sponsored by the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP. More than a thousand experts have convened for the 2nd world Agroforestry Congress in the institute's headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya over the past week to discuss the importance of afforestation to humanity's survival.Our Nairobi correspondent Wei Tong has more.
      CRI News Report:New Chinese Law Authorizes Armed Police to ...2009-08-30
      China's top legislature has passed the country's first law defining the role of the armed police, giving the force new duties and statutory authority to respond to security emergencies.
      CRI News Report:Beijing's GDP Grows 300 Times over the Past 60 Years2009-08-30
      Seventy-seven-year-old Liu Guixian is a witness of the great changes taking place in the capital city. The difficult days are etched in her memory.
      CRI News Report:Mixed Reactions to Government's New Clinic Appointment Proposal2009-08-29
      The Ministry of Health has recently issued a document proposing that public hospitals accept appointments starting from October and give priority in medical treatment to the patients who have made appointments.
      CRI News Report:China Stresses Economic Restructuring in Promoting Growth2009-08-27
      National Development and Reform Commission, the country's top economic planner, has said China must emphasize economic restructuring while aiming for greater economic growth.Our reporter Zhangcheng has more.
      CRI News Report:The new United States Ambassador to China hopes to help ...2009-08-26
      Jon Huntsman Jr., the new U.S. Ambassador to China, says he looks forward to bilateral ties between the two countries reaching new heights during his tenure.
      CRI News Report:Revolutionary Legacy Brings Economic .....2009-08-26
      Anchor: Jinggangshan, a small mountainous county in central China's Jiangxi province, is a famous revolutionary base where Chairman Mao Zedong led the Red Army to fight against enemies some 80 years ago.
      CRI News Report:China's Tibetan Delegation Visits South Africa2009-08-26
      A Chinese delegation of Tibetologists have held a discussion with South African scholars and officials on the social development in Tibet.
      CRI News Report:China issues essential drugs list ....2009-08-25
      China's Ministry of Health has issued a list of some 300 essential drugs that will be central to its plan to reform the health care system and cut medical cost within the next ten years.
      CRI News Report:China-Funded Road Bypasses to...2009-08-25
      The eastern and northern bypasses are part of the Kenyan government's ambitious infrastructure development program to end bottlenecks on roads leading into central Nairobi and make the metropolis a regional economic hub.
      CRI News Report:Deposit Requirement on Beijing .....2009-08-25
      The pre-paid public transport card has gained popularity since it was introduced in the capital city's in 2006. Replacing traditional paper tickets, the smart card gives passengers not only travel convenience but also a 60 percent discount off the normal price of bus tickets.