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      CRI News Report:Contracting Grassland to Herdsmen2009-09-30
      Ten thousand miles of Changtang grassland 每 that's how people describe north Tibet, where the practice of contracting grassland to herdsman households has helped prevent widespread grassland degradation over the past decades.
      CRI News Report:Media focuses on China's National Day Celebration2009-09-29
      As China's massive celebrations marking its 60th anniversary get ready to kick off on Thursday, journalists and reporters from both China and across the world are gearing up to cover the historical events.
      CRI News Report:Wedding Ceremony Peak Comes During the ...2009-09-29
      The coming National Day holiday is definitely a golden week for many couples who plan to get married during this time. But too many wedding receptions booked during the holiday period can cause problems for brides and grooms as well as their friends.
      CRI News Report:Chinese officials and experts anticipate ...2009-09-27
      The third summit of the Group of 20 is being convened in the American city of Pittsburgh. World leaders are expected to coordinate their positions on global economic recovery, financial regulatory reform and world trade issues.
      CRI News Report:Beijing ready for National Day after four rehearsals2009-09-26
      China's capital of Beijing is ready for an array of celebrations, including a parade and an evening gala, to mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of new China, which falls on October 1st.
      CRI News Report:Hu Jintao put forward proposal on building ...2009-09-25
      Chinese President Hu Jintao put forward a four-point proposal on building a harmonious world on Wednesday, calling on the international community to work together for world peace and development. Our reporter Wang Ling has more.
      CRI News Report:UN Climate Change Summit Calls for ...2009-09-24
      Nearly 100 heads of state attended Tuesday's summit, which aimed at a political consensus and in preperation for the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference to be held in December. For more, correspondent Shen Ting filed this report from New York.
      CRI News Report:Implementation of Exit Strategies ...2009-09-24
      Earlier this month prior to the meeting of finance minister of the G20 group in London, Britain, France and Germany called on the G20 to discuss exit strategies implemented to tackle economic crisis at a forthcoming Pittsburgh summit. Exit strategy will be a key issue, which is expected to be hugely debated at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh.
      CRI News Report:China Marks 60th Anniversary of ...2009-09-22
      Chinese president Hu Jintao, top legislator Wu Bangguo, Premier Wen Jiabao, other top leaders and more than 800 representatives from various fields have gathered in Beijing to mark the 60th anniversary of China's top political advisory body, the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, or CPPCC.
      CRI News Report:Report Overseas Chinese Mark 60th Chinese ...2009-09-22
      More than 500 prominent figures from Britain's overseas Chinese community gathered in downtown London Sunday evening for a major celebration marking the upcoming 60th Chinese National Day, which falls on October 1st. It is believed that commemoration is the grandest one that was ever held for this occasion in Britain. Our London correspondent Li Ningjing reports.
      CRI News Report:China to start review of 2nd-board IPO applicants2009-09-19
      The seven companies, which span sectors of electronics to pharmaceuticals, want to raise a combined 2.2 billion yuan, or more than 320 million U.S dollars.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Ambassador to WTO: Doha Round Talks ...2009-09-19
      The long-stalled Doha Round of talks have made a breakthrough as senior officials from major WTO members this week managed to map out a detailed plan for the trade negotiations in the next few months. But trade officials say more political will is needed to push forward the talks.
      CRI News Report:China is Expected to Develop Low Carbon ...2009-09-17
      China has issued a report saying the country is expected to realize by 2050 a low carbon development, featuring low energy demand and carbon dioxide output. The report says the goal is part of China's endeavor to contribute to the global efforts in tackling climate change. zhangcheng has more details.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Tyre Makers Anger at US' New Tariff2009-09-16
      the US decision to impose punitive duty on Chinese-made tires has hit a nerve with China's rubber industry.Angry tire exporters are urging the Chinese government take necessary measures to safeguard their trade rights.Wang Ling has more.
      CRI News Report:Global Business Leaders: Protectionism ...2009-09-14
      Around 1,400 global business leaders and policy makers have gathered at the 'summer Davos' in the northeastern Chinese port city of Dalian to discuss, among other things, how to resist the lure of protectionism.Zhangcheng has more.
      CRI News Report:EU Hopes to Cooperate with China in Trade ...2009-09-12
      The EU trade commissioner Catherine Ashton has announced her desire to build a strategic partnership with China that can translate into practical action to solve trade and investment problems shared by the two sides.
      CRI News Report:Dalian Ready to Host 'Summer Davos'2009-09-11
      Dalian, a costal city of Northeast China's Liaoning Province, is preparing to host the third summer summit of the World Economic Forum. Now hosting the annual international summit for the second time, Dalian is looking forward to seizing more opportunities to open up and boost local companies through the global forum. Wang Ling has more.
      CRI News Report:Washington Wizards Make Return Visit to China2009-09-10
      To mark this year's 30th anniversary of the establishment of Sino-US relations, the Washington Wizards, the first NBA team that visited China in 1979, is making a return trip to Beijing.He Fei has more.
      CRI News Report:China-ASEAN Expo to Further Advance ...2009-09-09
      The 6th China-ASEAN Expo will be held in late October in Nanning, the capital city of South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region.
      CRI News Report:Changxing Island to Become China's Largest...2009-09-08
      Chinagxing Island, in the Chinese coastal city of Dalian, is expected to become China's largest shipbuilding base as many of the world's big shipbuilders establish their projects on the island. Zheng Chenguang has the details.
      CRI News Report:Chinese And Irish Artists Exhibit ...2009-09-07
      Chinese and Irish artists have staged a collaborative art exhibition entitled Intimate Histories in London. It's believed the exhibition is the first collaborative Irish-Chinese exhibition in the UK. Here's our London correspondent Li Ningjing.
      CRI News Report:The 16 Beijing International Book Fair ...2009-09-06
      Anchor: The 16th Beijing International Book Fair kicked off Thursday and more than 1,800 publishing and distributing organizations from 60 countries are bringing their products to the fair.Our reporter Li Dong has the details.
      CRI News Report:China Stresses Rural Development2009-09-05
      At a press conference Friday in Beijing, Chen Xiwen, deputy director of the Central Financial Work Leading Group and director of the Central Rural Work Leading Group, spoke about the rural developments in China.
      CRI News Report:Singing Bridges China and Russia2009-09-04
      In a contest that has served as a bridge of friendship between people from China and Russia, 15 contestants sang in the semifinals of the Russian Singing Contest for Chinese Singers in Moscow.