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      CRI News Report:Why There is A Shortage of H1N1 Flu Vaccine ...2009-10-31
      In July this year, Obama administration officials said companies could make 80 million to 120 million doses of H1N1 vaccines by mid-October. They outlined an aggressive response to the pandemic, spending more than 2 billion dollar to buy 250 million doses of vaccines and promising enough to inoculate every American. But according to the latest statistics from the US Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, there are 22 million doses of vaccines that are available.
      CRI News Report:China's Top Legislature Considers Draft Amendment...2009-10-29
      Representation in the NPC is currently determined on a four-to-one rural to urban population ratio, meaning one deputy from a rural area represents four times as many constituents as a deputy from an urban area.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Industries Vow to Pursue...2009-10-28
      The ongoing manufacturing conference is focusing on how to seek green industrial development while China continues to see sound economic recovery.
      CRI News Report:Global Legislators Applaud China's Efforts ...2009-10-27
      Legislators from around the world have spoken highly of China's recent efforts in combating climate change at the recently concluded Global Legislators Forum in Copenhagen, Denmark.
      CRI News Report:China Makes Efforts to Improve the Safety of ...2009-10-26
      This situation has prompted the world's largest auto market to pay more attention to product safety, like setting a national standard for airbags in automobiles.
      CRI News Report:China Launches NASDAQ-Style Market for ...2009-10-25
      Shang Fulin, chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, announced the launch of NASDAQ-style growth enterprises market, or GEM, on Friday.
      CRI News Report:Agriculture Exhibition to Promote Further Coop in ...2009-10-24
      For the first time, an exclusive agricultural services exhibition is being held in Nanning, the capital city of South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.
      CRI News Report:National Basic Drug Retail Guiding Price ...2009-10-23
      As an important part of China's health care reform, starting Thursday, the national basic drug retail guiding price formally carries out.
      CRI News Report:China's Automotive Output Hits 10 Million2009-10-22
      China announced on Tuesday that its production of automobiles since the beginning of this year hit 10 million units, making it the third country in the world-together with the United States and Japan-to surpass the annual output mark. Experts hold no doubts about China's capability of sustaining output growth in the future, but say it still needs much time and effort to make the industry more competitive.
      CRI News Report:Emerging Sports Nations Become Focus At Global Sports ...2009-10-21
      A recent Global Sports Industry Congress was held in London on Monday. The participants discussed financing, sponsorship, marketing and broader development issues concerning future major sports events. As our London correspondent Li Ningjing reports, the role of emerging sports nations was the focus of the congress.
      CRI News Report:Nanning's Ready for CAEXPO2009-10-20
      The 6th China-Asean Expo and the 6th China-Asean Business and Investment Summit (CABIS) will be held in Nanning between Tuesday and Saturday.
      CRI News Report:Nikolay Davidenko Wins Shanghai Masters2009-10-20
      His serves were faster than Nadal's; he moved faster; he was always the one to take risks when a rally came to a deadlock.
      CRI News Report:Western China Development Strategy,10 Years on2009-10-18
      Hundreds of companies from China's western areas are presenting the best of their products and services at the Fair, which runs until Tuesday.
      CRI News Report:Economists Forum Kicks Off in Frankfurt Book...2009-10-17
      Themed reform and development in China's economy, the forum gathered more than 200 Chinese and foreign economists, including Lin Yifu, chief economist of the World Bank; and Edmund Phelps, who won the Nobel Prize in economics in 2006.
      CRI News Report:China's Publishing Industry Draws Attention from ...2009-10-16
      Though the publishing industry, like many other industries, was affected by the financial crisis last year, it still made a leap forward in China despite all kinds of challenges. Its progress and potential drew the attention of its counterparts in a summit held at the ongoing 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Films Open at Pusan ..2009-10-15
      With a dozen movies hitting the screens in Pusan, Chinese filmmakers are determined to wow moviegoers at the film festival.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Contemporary Art Display ...2009-10-14
      A Contemporary Chinese Art Exhibition kicked off Monday night in Frankfurt, Germany, as one of the most important activities of the upcoming 2009 Frankfurt Book Fair. The exhibition showcases the work of six famous contemporary Chinese artists, with the theme of "resurrection of tradition" from various angles.
      CRI News Report:Interview with BBC Global News Director on ..2009-10-13
      Throughout the world, the media environment has been morphing and industry leaders are trying to keep up. Over the weekend, 170 media organizations from around the world convened in Beijing for the World Media Summit to discuss the future of the industry, how to overcome the challenges of new technology and how to cooperate in a more globalized media environment.
      CRI News Report:Zeng Shao-xuan made history at the Shanghai ATP ...2009-10-12
      The main draw matches of the Shanghai ATP Masters 1000 tournament kicked off Sunday in the outskirts of a sunny Shanghai.
      CRI News Report:Leaders of world media meet in Beijing2009-10-11
      At the World Media Summit in Beijing, Chinese president Hu Jintao says he hopes the gathering will help deepen mutual understanding and friendship among peoples of all nations.
      CRI News Report:Cultural Activities Spice Up People's Lives During ...2009-10-10
      In the Chinese capital Beijing, the largest-ever music and dance epic, Road to Revival has been performed in Great Hall of the People from late September, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China.
      CRI News Report:After IPO,10 Companies Waiting for...2009-10-09
      Ten Chinese companies who have finished their initial public offering procedures are now waiting for listing on China's Nasdaq-style second board.
      CRI News Report:Car Sales Rise during the Natioal ...2009-10-08
      Vacation time is not only a period for relaxation and fun, but also a good time to buy a car for some people in China. During the National Day holiday, car sales have increased in many parts of China, especially in Shenzhen and Chongqing.
      CRI News Report:Premier Wen visits Chinese martyrs ...2009-10-07
      The cemetery in South Phyongan province is the largest of the dozens honoring Chinese soldiers who lost their lives during the Korean War more than half a century ago.