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      CRI News Report:Beijing to Set up Moms Surveillance Team...2009-12-31
      Beijing Association of Online Media (BAOM) has recently started recruiting public responsible mothers to supervise and report websites with illegal and unhealthy contents.
      CRI News Report:Public Art in the Beijing Subway2009-12-30
      Line 4 is the newest subway line in Beijing's mass transit network. It is also considered to be the most artistic subway line with its wall paintings, sculptures and mobile art galleries.
      CRI News Report:Mobile Movies Emerge as Rising Industry2009-12-29
      As 3G technology captures the mobile market, watching movies on cell phones is quickly gaining popularity around the world.
      CRI News Report:World's Fastest Train Journey Begins Operation2009-12-28
      The Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway with the world's fastest train journey started operation Saturday. The passenger train is expected to reach an average speed of up to 350-km-per-hour.
      CRI News Report:China Releases Economic Census Results2009-12-27
      China has revised its gross domestic product growth rate for 2008 to 9.6 percent from 9 percent according to the results of its fresh released national economic census.
      CRI News Report:Mainland Businesses Looks for Wider Opening ...2009-12-26
      With mainland investment in Taiwan not as satisfying as expected since restrictions were lifted 6 months ago, Taiwan's authorities have held a symposium to attract more mainland investors to the island.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Vice PM Stresses Development of ...2009-12-25
      Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu says China has achieved obvious development in various sectors in its ethnic minority regions. He urges authorities to further strengthen ethnic unity and harmony in the country.
      CRI News Report:Mainland to Develop Tourism Zones on ...2009-12-24
      Tourism experts have approved the feasibility of the plan to develop tourism on the west side of the Taiwan Strait. The plan, which seeks to deepen tourism exchanges and cooperation across the Taiwan Strait, is expected to be implemented between 2010 and 2020.
      CRI News Report:Mainland and Taiwan Begin New Round of ...2009-12-23
      The Chinese mainland and Taiwan have started a fresh round of talks in central Taiwan's Taichung city, with three agreements expected to be signed.
      CRI News Report:UN Climate Change Conference Closed2009-12-22
      Meanwhile, although not legally binding, the accord now is open for signing. But what does the accord say about climate change?
      CRI News Report:Delegates in Copenhagen Agree to...2009-12-21
      Delegates in Copenhagen have agreed to take note of the Copenhagen Accord, despite criticism that there are no long-term targets to cut emissions and it is not a legally-binding treaty. UN chief Ban Ki-moon called it an essential start.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Premier:China Committed to ...2009-12-20
      Chinese Premier:China Committed to Achieve its Voluntary Emission Reduction Target
      CRI News Report:China and US Hold Forum on ...2009-12-19
      Copyright officials and experts from China and the U.S. have gathered at a forum in Beijing to discuss worldwide copyright issues such as Google's digital library.
      CRI News Report:Rasmussen's Proposal Faces Strong Opposition...2009-12-18
      Meanwhile, differences loom at the Copenhagen climate conference after the Danish presidency put forward a new draft text on Wednesday that was not circulated to all parties for input. Our reporter Wang Ling has more.
      CRI News Report:Macao Embraces Improving Economy ...2009-12-17
      Now, the lead up to the 10th anniversary of Macao's return to China, is well underway. Macao, an enclave of Portugal for around 400 years, returned to China 10 years ago. The Macao Special Administrative Region, or Macao SAR, established in 1999, has witnessed rapid economic development and noticeably improved public security and democracy over the past decade. Our reporter Zhangcheng has more.
      CRI News Report:Chinese Negotiator:Climate Talks...2009-12-16
      Negotiations at the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen have entered a crucial stage now that chairs of the two major working groups have proposed draft texts.
      CRI News Report:China Invests in Green Energy2009-12-15
      China has increased its investment in developing clean energy, especially wind power, as a concrete move to meet its promise to cut carbon emissions. Zhang Cheng takes a closer look.
      CRI News Report:High Speed Railway Construction...2009-12-14
      The Wuhan to Guangzhou MU Train route will start to operate on the 26th of this month. The train is the fastest in the world. All the construction and preparations for the route's operation are in the final stages. Our reporter Li Dong has the details.
      CRI News Report:Exhibition Highlighting Macao's Achievement...2009-12-13
      An exhibition has opened in Beijing to highlight Macao's achievements over the past decade. The exhibition is part of the celebration to mark the 10th anniversary of Macao's return to China and the founding of the Macao Special Administrative Region. Zheng Chenguang has the details.
      CRI News Report:CPI Growth Turns Positive in November2009-12-12
      China's consumer price index rose 0.6 percent year on year in November. This brings an end to nine consecutive months' fall. Experts say the figure is in line with market expectation. And as prices are still running at a comparatively low level; China is not facing an inflation problem. Ying Ying brings more.
      CRI News Report:UN Climate Chief and National Negotiators ...2009-12-12
      UN Climate Chief and National Negotiators Praise Developing Countries' Commitments to Fighting Climate Change
      CRI News Report:Developing Nations' Emissions Reduction Pledges...2009-12-10
      China, together with other major developing countries, announced ambitious green house gas emissions reduction targets ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Their resolve in fighting global warming has been hailed by UN climate officials and NGOs from around the world at the ongoing Copenhagen Summit.
      CRI News Report:Leaders Call for Ambitious Deal at UN Climate ...2009-12-09
      The historical United Nations Climate Change Conference Opens Monday in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. During the opening ceremony, leaders and top UN climate officials called for a ambitious and operational deal to halt climate change. The conference, which gathers delegates from 192 countries, is considered the most important meeting on climate change.
      CRI News Report:China's New Technology to Bring Down Solar Prices2009-12-08
      China has proposed subsidies to encourage production of solar equipment and its installation into public buildings and spaces, helping to bring down cost to harness solar energy.