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      voa慢速英語:Osteoporosis Increases Danger of Broken Bones2010-08-31
      A new study shows that binge drinking by teenagers may increase the possibility of osteoporosis in later life. Researchers in the United States say drinking a lot of alcohol over a short period may influence genes involved in bone formation.
      VOA新聞講解: 太平洋島國肥胖健康問題2010-08-31
      The World Health Organization says obesity rates are rising in Pacific island countries. So, too, are health problems linked to being overweight.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:測試你的農田術語知識2010-08-31
      You can probably guess the next question. What do we call a plant that produces new growth year after year? Plants that keep growing back are called perennials.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:進口食品增加太平洋島國肥胖健康問題2010-08-30
      The World Health Organization says obesity rates are rising in Pacific island countries. So, too, are health problems linked to being overweight.
      voa慢速英語:Isadora Duncan,1877-1927:The...2010-08-30
      Angela Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco, California in eighteen seventy-seven. She was the youngest of four children. Her parents marriage ended in divorce when Isadora was three years old. Isadora and her brothers and sister were raised by their mother, Mary.
      voa慢速英語:Words and Their Stories:Easy As Falling Off a Log2010-08-30
      Every people has its own way of saying things, its own special expressions. Some of these expressions are easy to understand. The words create a picture in your mind.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語講解附字幕:若美國經濟變弱美聯儲將行動2010-08-28
      The United States central bank is prepared to take further actions to support the economy if conditions get a lot worse.
      On Sunday, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will present the Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California. The awards will honor the people who make the best nighttime shows on television. Barbara Klein tells about some of this year's nominees.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:通用再次公開出售股票2010-08-27
      America's biggest carmaker accepted fifty billion dollars in federal aid from the Obama and Bush administrations. People joked that GM meant "Government Motors." Now, General Motors could be on the road to recovery.
      voa慢速英語:American History:Roosevelt Exercises US...2010-08-26
      Theodore Roosevelt was president of the United States during the early years of the twentieth century. He was a forceful leader. His national policies led to social reforms and federal protection of nature.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:教育者幫助年輕人生存和自由2010-08-26
      More than half of young black men in the United States do not finish high school. Many grow up without fathers and in neighborhoods with gangs, drugs and violence. Sixty percent of those who drop out of school have spent time in jail by the age of thirty-five.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:專家呼吁努力對抗貧困國家癌癥2010-08-25
      Health experts are calling for action to expand cancer care and control in the developing world. A paper published by the medical journal Lancet says cancer was once thought of mostly as a problem in the developed world. But it says cancer is now a leading cause of death and disability in poor countries.
      voa慢速英語:Lower East Side Tenement Museum...2010-08-25
      The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is one of the smaller museums in New York. It lets visitors experience how early immigrants to the United States lived. The museum is a building at Ninety-Seven Orchard Street. It was built in eighteen sixty-three by a German immigrant named Lucas Glockner. He worked as a tailor making clothes before investing his money to develop a property.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:房屋計劃威脅俄羅斯種子銀行2010-08-24
      Russia's Pavlovsk Experimental Station houses one of the oldest seed and plant collections in the world. But this month a court agreed to let the Russian Housing Development Foundation take control of the land.
      voa慢速英語:Severe Ocean Storms:The Science...2010-08-24
      Many Americans are observing the fifth anniversary of one of the nation's worst natural disasters. Hurricane Katrina reached the state of Louisiana on the morning of August twenty-ninth, two thousand five. It was the costliest hurricane in American history, and one of the deadliest.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語講解附字幕:簡單技術讓去殼更簡單2010-08-23
      Peanuts, or groundnuts, are an important crop in many developing countries. But getting them out of their shell is tiring without a machine.
      voa慢速英語:Fun in the Sun and Sea at Martha's...2010-08-23
      Many Americans take their summer vacations in August. President Obama and his family are among them. This past weekend the first family visited the Florida Gulf coast. The president wants to support tourism in the area after the BP oil spill.
      voa慢速英語:Duke Ellington:His Life Story,Part Two2010-08-22
      Every week we tell about a person who was important in the history of the United States. Today, we finish our report about the great jazz musician Duke Ellington.
      voa慢速英語:Words and Their Stories:Touch All Bases2010-08-22
      When a baseball player hits the ball, he must run to each base in order and touch it with his foot. It is the only way to score a point. If the player hits the ball and fails to touch all the bases, the point will not be counted.
      voa慢速英語:Israelis,Palestinians Set to Restart Direct Talks2010-08-21
      American officials are preparing for Israel and the Palestinians to restart direct peace talks. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the plans on Friday in Washington.
      voa慢速英語:Short Story:‘A Piece of Red Calico’by ...2010-08-21
      Our story today is called A Piece of Red Calico. It was written by Frank Stockton. Stockton was a popular writer in the second half of the nineteenth century.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:谷歌和Verizon提出網絡中立提案2010-08-20
      Last week, Verizon and Google proposed a plan they say could keep the Internet open while supporting investment in high-speed Internet service.
      voa慢速英語:With Elena Kagan,US Supreme Court Has...2010-08-20
      The United States Supreme Court made history this month when it swore in Elena Kagan as its one hundred twelfth justice. It is the first time in history that three women will serve together on the nine-member court. Barbara Klein has more.
      該音頻有LRC字幕,點擊圖片查看所有含有LRC字幕的VOA慢速英語 voa慢速英語:接受訓練,成為明日歌手之星2010-08-19
      What the word does not bring to mind is college dormitories, dining halls and early morning classes. But for the past eight summers, hopeful singers have come to the International Cabaret Conference at Yale University.
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