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      However, some advantages for buying books are more obvious and compelling.
      Books are close friends of humanity.
      People’s attitudes toward work vary.
      Many people today use electronic dictionaries instead of printed ones.
      Nowadays the Internet is wildly used for studying, shopping, entertainment, etc.
      their reasons run as following: to begin with, high salary can bring them happy life; in addition, with high salary, they can do whatever they want.
      my dormitory room is on *the second floor. it is small and crowded. the dark green walls and the dirty white ceiling make the room seem dark, and thus even smaller than it is, as youwalk into the room, you are stopped short by my bed which fills half of the room.
      專四寫作范文整理:Honesty Is Gold2014-09-12
      Honesty means speakingthe truth and being fair and upright in act. He who lies and cheats is dishonest.: Those who gain fortunes not by hard labour but by other means is dishonest.
      專四寫作范文整理:University Life2014-09-11
      Time spent at a university is a most worthwhile period in a young persons life. This is a time when a student begins to form his or her ideas about life in general. Attending classes and studying in the library keep a student busy and provide him or her with access to valuable information, adding to his or her knowledge base.
      專四寫作范文整理:Computer Age2014-09-11
      In recent years, computers have grown in popularity. You can find them not only in the universities but on farms and in factories, shops and other places. The number of private computers has also risen tremendously within the past few years.
      專四寫作范文整理:Green Travel2014-09-10
      Recently the topic of green travel has been widely debated which has aroused public attention and has been more and more popular with people. To some extent, it has become a fashion. Undoubtedly, green travel has a pround impact on both enviroment and social, for its significance cannot be denied.
      In recent years, campus music has been commercialized gradually. More and more enterprises are interested in being the sponsors of college music festivals or award competitions of campus singers. Campus singers and songs are not confined to college campus any more but being pushed to the market gradually.
      I earnestly hope to lead a healthy and prosperous life in the future. Judging from my aptitude inclination and personality streaks, my ideal life will be that of a scientist, researching, lecturing, and writing books.
      Honesty means speaking the truth and being fair and upright in act. He who lies and cheats is dishonest; those who gain fortunes not by hard labour but by other means is dishonest.
      Although we would all love to be Ms Popular at home and in the office, at work the task is not to be liked, but to be effective, says computer sales executive Andrea.
      There is no denying the fact that keeping pets is a hotly debated topic today. Some people claim that keeping pets is a good thing to do.
      The picture symbolically depicts how some people who call themselves scholars are doing their research. Instead of writing their own research papers, they resort to copying each other’s works.
      Just as is revealed in the pictures above, people are generally classified into two types: the pessimistic and the optimistic.
      Crisis is to our life what illness is to our body. Just as fatal disease can destroy our body and sometimes even put an end to our lives, so does smashing crisis knock us down so hopelessly that we might never have chance of standing up again.
      Many people, especially girls, would like to lose weight by eating less.
      In recent years there has been a dramatic rise in the cell phones, which are now essential to millions of people as a convenient form of communication. In 2004 the number reached 315,000,000, with an average annual increase at 57,500,000.
      Competition is a common phenomenon in our society . We compete when we play games, we try to do better than others in our study, and there is constant competition for jobs, fame, wealth and so forth. Therefore,we can say that, in a certain sense, competition is one of the motive forces of the development of our modern society.
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