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      愛情與金錢:1 Chapter2011-11-25
      The Clarkson family lived in the country near Cambridge,about half a mile from the nearest village and about a mile from the river.They had a big,old house with a beautiful garden,a lot of flowers and many old.trees.
      愛情與金錢:2 Chapter2011-11-25
      It was seven o'clock on Saturday evening.Jackie stood at the window.A car drove slowly up to the front door and stopped.A tall man with white hair got out,It was Albert,the husband of Molly's sister.
      愛情與金錢:3 Chapter2011-11-25
      Early next morning the house was quiet.Suddenly there was a cry from the room next to Roger's,his mother's room.Roger opened his eyes and looked at the clock.
      愛情與金錢:4 Chapter2011-11-25
      The police arrived very quickly.There were a lot of them.Some of them with cameras went upstairs to Molly's room.Two detectives talked to Dr Pratt in the kitchen.
      愛情與金錢:5 Chapter2011-11-25
      After the coffee and sandwiches,Inspector Walsh called Roger Clarkson to the office.Roger came in and sat down.The Inspector began at once.
      愛情與金錢:6 Chapter2011-11-24
      They found Peter Hobbs under his car an old green car.He got up slowly.He wore old blue trousers and a dirty orange shirt.
      愛情與金錢:7 Chapter2011-11-24
      On Monday morning Sergeant Foster went to Roger's office and asked some questions.And then he went to Albert's house and asked some more questions.