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      作者:[英]芭斯特(Jennifer Bassett)



      威廉·莎士比亞:1 Toby remembers2011-12-04
      My name is Toby.I'm an old man,eighty-three this spring.My house is right in the middle of Stratford-upon-Avon,and I can watch the street market from my window.But I live very quietly now.I'm just an old man,sitting in a chair.
      威廉·莎士比亞:2 Stratford-upon-Avon2011-12-04
      It was a sunny day in October 1579 when I first met Will,just outside Stratford,near a big field of apple trees.I saw a boy up in one of the trees.He had red hair and looked about two years older than me.
      威廉·莎士比亞:3 The actors come to town2011-12-04
      Will married Anne Hathaway in November,and she came to live in Henley Street.John Shakespeare was pleased that his oldest son was married,but I don't think Will's mother wanted him to marry so young.
      威廉·莎士比亞:4 A new life in London2011-12-04
      It's two days journey to London by horse,and Will talked all the way.His eyes were bright and excited.He was full of plans,and poems,and a love of life.
      威廉·莎士比亞:5 The plague years2011-12-04
      Will wrote his play Richard Ⅲ for Richard Burbage,and it was a great success.Richard the Third was a wicked king a murderer but he was wonderful on the stage,with Burbage's great voice and fine acting.
      威廉·莎士比亞:6 Death in the family2011-12-04
      After the plague years,we were busy all the time.There were new companies of players and Will now belonged to the Lord Chamberlain's Men.
      威廉·莎士比亞:7 Queens,Kings,and Princes2011-12-04
      Every year we took more and more plays to court at Christmas.In 1598 one of Will's plays was Henry IV.A lot of the play was about the King's son and his friend,Sir John Falstaff.
      威廉·莎士比亞:8 A Scottish King for England2011-12-04
      Will's father died in September 1601.In his last years John Shakespeare was a happy man.His son was famous,and the Shakespeare family was important again in Stratford.
      威廉·莎士比亞:9 The Mermaid Tavern2011-12-04
      During the next few years the plague was always with us.Some years it was bad,other years not so bad.When the theatres in London closed,we went on tour.
      威廉·莎士比亞:10 Back to Stratford2011-12-04
      Later,when we were riding along the road,I said,The last time we were in Oxford,I heard some talk in the town.Someone said that you were the father of Jane Davenant's son.
      威廉·莎士比亞:11 The last years2011-12-04
      Will did write another play,of course.That was Henry VIII and he wrote it because the King's daughter,Princess Elizabeth,was getting married.The King's Men had to have a new play for a special day like that.
      威廉·莎士比亞:12 England will remember2011-12-04
      Well,all that was thirty-three years ago.I'm an old man,and everyone is dying around me.Anne Shakespeare died in 1623,and John Hall went about twelve years later,fighting the plague Susanna's still alive,and Judith.