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      化學秘密:1 A new start2012-03-17
      Thank you.John Duncan stood up and walked nervously towards the door.He was a tall,thin man,about forty-five years old,in an old grey suit.It was his best suit,but it was ten years old now.He had grey hair and glasses.His face looked sad and tired.
      化學秘密:2 At home2012-03-17
      Johns sixteen-year-old daughter,Christine,was sitting at the table doing her homework.His son Andrew,who was thirteen,was watching television.
      化學秘密:3 Rich man2012-03-15
      John Duncan started work on Monday,and Mary Carter showed him round the factory.The most important thing that the company produced was a new paint for cars.
      化學秘密:4 The seals2012-03-15
      A few months later,John invited Mary to a meal in the new house.It was a difficult evening.He had never invited anyone to their old flat,and the children's friends nev-er came for meals.
      化學秘密:5 The new experiment2012-03-14
      A few days later,John asked Mary to look at another experiment.He took her into a long,quiet room at the back of the factory.The room was full of the noises of small animals.
      化學秘密:6 The report2012-03-14
      John 's report took longer than he had thought.It was nearly six weeks later when he went to discuss the re-suits with David Wilson.
      化學秘密:7 Christine and Simon2012-03-14
      Mary talked to Mr Wilson too,but it was no good. She came out looking tired and very sad.
      化學秘密:8 The wedding day2012-03-14
      The disease among the seals got worse.Three more baby seals died,and one was born without a tall.Scientists came from London to look at them,and there were long arti-cles in the newspapers,but no one was sure what the reasons were.
      化學秘密:9 I don't believe you2012-03-12
      John and Christine stared at each other angrily.It was a miserable,frightening moment for them both.
      化學秘密:10 Greenworld2012-03-12
      Two days 1ater Christine and Simon arrived at John's house.It was very early five o'clock in the morning and they didn't knock at the door,or try to wake anyone up.
      化學秘密:11 The Public Enquiry2012-03-11
      Two days later,the Enquiry began.Scientists came from London to ask questions about the disease that was killing the seals.Before he had gone to Scotland,John had been to see David Wilson about the Enquiry.David Wilson had asked John to speak for the comp
      化學秘密:12 The future2012-03-11
      Six months later,John Duncan was living in a small flat near the sea.He had lost his job,and had had to sell his expensive house. He couldn't afford the payments on it.