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      風雨河岸柳:1 The river2012-01-28
      The Mole worked very hard all morning, cleaning his little home. He brushed, and he washed; he cleaned the floors and the walls, he stood on chairs to wash the tops of cup boards, he got under the beds, he took up the carpets.
      風雨河岸柳:2 The open road2012-01-27
      One bright summer morning the Mole and the Rat were out on the river bank, watching the world go by. The Rat was writing a song and was singing quietly to himself as he tried different words.
      風雨河岸柳:3 The Wild Wood2012-01-27
      The Mole had wanted for a long time to meet the Badger. He often spoke about his wish to the Water Rat, but the Rat didn't seem to want to do anything about it.
      風雨河岸柳:4 A meeting with Mr Badger2012-01-26
      They waited patiently for a very long time, jumping up and down in the snow to keep warm. At last they heard feet coming slowly towards the door. Then the door opened, just enough to show a long nose and pair of sleepy eyes.
      風雨河岸柳:5 A lesson for Mr Toad2012-01-26
      Winter passed, and spring returned to the river bank. Then came a fine morning in early summer, when the world seemed full of sunlight and new green leaves.
      風雨河岸柳:6 Toad' s adventures2012-01-24
      For weeks Toad refused to eat. He lay on the floor of his prison and cried and cried. This is the end of every-thing, he said miserably, I shall never again be a popular and good-looking Toad, a rich and important Toad, a free and happy Toad.
      風雨河岸柳:7 Return to Toad Hall2012-01-24
      The Rat got hold of Toad's neck, pulled him out of the water, and took him into his hall.