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      1. They spent many years ______ for oil in this small island . A. exploring B. exploding C. exposing D. exploiting
      1. The patient has been ______ of the safety of operation . A. assured B. guaranteed C. entrusted D. confirmed
      1. I was unaware of the critical points involved , so my choice was quite __________ . A. arbitrary B. rational C. serene D. unpredictable
      1.I should like to rent a house , modern comfortable and ______ in a quiet neighborhood . A. all in all B. above all C. after all D. over all
      1. By law , when one makes a large purchase , he should have ______ opportunity to change his mind . A. accurate B. urgent C. excessive D. adequate
      1. His long service with the company was _____ with a present . A . admitted B . acknowledge C. attributed D. identified
      1. I’d____ his reputation with other farmers and business people in the community and then make a decision about whether or not to approve a loan. A. take into account B. account for C. make up for D. make out
      1. Texas , the second largest state of America , is ____ in natural resources . A. wealthy B .abundant C. scattered D. deposited
      1. Living in that ____ house over there has nearly driven the hero of the story mad. A. bleak B. haunted C. gaunt D. acumen