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      《羅馬假日(Roman Holiday)》聽力音頻打包下載(音頻+文本)2019-06-15
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第28期:休想耍我2018-12-19
      原文欣賞No, I didnt. What? Thats impossible.不,什么? 不可能. Coffee? Dont hold out on me.喝咖啡嗎? 休想耍我. Whos holding 
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第27期:公主的獨家專訪2018-12-19
      原文欣賞Your Royal Highness.公主殿下. twenty-four hours, they cant all be blank.24小時不會一片空白. They are not.當然了. What explanation am I&nbs
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第26期:道別2018-12-18
      原文欣賞May I have a little more wine? 我可以喝點酒嗎? Im sorry I couldnt cook us some dinner.真可惜我不能煮一頓晚飯. [qh
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第25期:這是“美國時光”2018-12-18
      原文欣賞All right? Fine, you? 沒事吧? 沒事,你呢? Oh, fine.沒事. You were great back there.剛才你大顯身手. You werent so bad yourself.你也很
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第24期:賞臉跟我跳舞嗎?2018-12-17
      原文欣賞Mr Bradley, if you dont mind my saying so, I think youre a ringer.若你不介意,我覺得你是個餅印. A what? Oh, thanks 
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第23期:談大生意2018-12-17
      原文欣賞Lovely story.多有趣的故事. Read some of the inscriptions.看看一些銘文吧. Make a wish? Tell the doctor? 在許愿? 告訴醫生? Anyway, the chances of i
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第22期:這里是圣地2018-12-16
      原文欣賞Lets see you do it.你試試看. Sure.好的. You beast, youre all right!Im sorry. It was just a joke.你真可惡,對不起,說笑而已. You
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第21期:超級大話精2018-12-16
      原文欣賞Im going straight from now on.從今天起我會循規蹈矩. News Service? What did he mean? 記者? 他是什么意思? Oh, you say 
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第20期:這是我第一次吸煙2018-12-15
      原文欣賞This I want back Saturday. OK. Now wheres your lighter? 周末還錢,好,打火機呢? Lets go to work.開工吧. Better now? Huh? 好了點沒有? 什么?
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第19期:賺錢2018-12-15
      原文欣賞take it easy .I'm sorry about that. Sit down, that's a good fellow.不好意思,坐下來,好朋友. That's the
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第18期:you are beautiful gril2018-12-14
      原文欣賞What do you sell? 你做哪種買賣? Fertiliser. Chemicals, stuff like that.肥田料、化學品,諸如之類. Irving! Am I glad to see you! Why, did&nb
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第17期:結婚紀念2018-12-14
      原文欣賞Now, what would you like to drink? Champagne, please.想喝點什么? 香檳. Champagne? 香檳? Well, champagne, and cold coffee f
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第16期:逛商店,在雨中散步2018-12-13
      原文欣賞Trouble with the teacher? No, nothing like that.對老師有不滿? 不是. You wouldn't run away for nothing.但你不會無故偷走出來. It was only&nbs
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第15期:今晚能來跟我跳舞?2018-12-13
      原文欣賞Oh no, no.不行. Off!剪短! That's a nice camera you have there. Nice.你這個照相機挺不錯. You don't mind if I borrow it? 可否借我一
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第14期:睡在你的床2018-12-12
      原文欣賞There you are.原來你在這里. I was looking at all the people. It must be fun to live in a place like this.我
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第13期:只為你而生2018-12-12
      原文欣賞Wheres Dr Bannochhoven? Im afraid I dont know him.班諾醫生呢? 我不認識他. Wasnt I talking to him jus
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第12期:愿為你做牛做馬2018-12-11
      原文欣賞Can't use it, huh? I didn't think you'd like it.不行? 早知道你會不喜歡這主意. Come here.快回來. Love angle too, I suppose? &
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第11期:訪問何值2018-12-11
      原文欣賞Yes, a gun, a knife, anything.用槍、用刀,什么都好. But nobody goes in and nobody goes out.但別讓任何人進出我的房間. OK.好的.
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第10期:羅馬頭條2018-12-10
      原文欣賞Here it is, Mr Bradley, all over the front page of every paper in Rome.你看!羅馬每份報紙的頭條. All right, I overslept.&n
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第09期:引領未來2018-12-10
      原文欣賞That is, not right away. No.不是即時的影響,對. Later on, of course, nobody knows.日后的事,天曉得? Well, well.這樣嘛. That was a shrewd observation.好精辟的見解. They fool y
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第08期:公主記者會2018-12-09
      原文欣賞Hi, Joe.你好,阿祖. Morning, Joe. Hello, honey.早安,阿祖,你好. Mr Hennessy has been looking for you.老韓一直問你去了哪里. Uh-oh.糟了. Thanks a lot, hon.謝謝,甜心. Come
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第07期:山林 仙女2018-12-09
      原文欣賞Is this the elevator? 這是升降機嗎? Its my room!這是我的房間. Im terribly sorry to mention it, but the dizziness is getting worse.別見怪,但我的頭越來越暈. Can I
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第06期:Where do you live?2018-12-08
      [page]原文欣賞[/page]Come on, climb in the cab and go home.[qh]快上車回家去. [qh]So happy.Got any money? [qh]真開心,有錢嗎? [qh]Never carry money.That&
      羅馬假日(Roman Holiday) 第05期:賭局2018-12-08
      原文欣賞Bet five hundred.Five hundred. How many? 賭五百,我跟,多少張牌? One.一張. Ill take one.Three