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      雅思考試IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由劍橋大學考試委員會外語考試部、英國文化協會及IDP教育集團共同管理,是一種針英語能力,為打算到使用英語的國家學習、工作或定居的人們設置的英語水平考試。

      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第55期:Test4(section4-4)2018-08-26
      In terms of production, this means that you only use what you need and so there wouldnt be any waste. 在生產方面,納米技術意味著我們只需要使用必要的材料,這樣就不會產生任何浪費了.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第54期:Test4(section4-3)2018-08-25
      In terms of technology, the computer industry will be able to shrink computer parts down to minute sizes. 在技術方面,計算機行業將能夠把電腦零件縮到微小尺寸.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第53期:Test4(section4-2)2018-08-24
      So how do we safeguard such a potentially powerful technology? 那么我們面對這么一種可能威力巨大的科技該如何做好保護措施呢?
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第52期:Test4(section4-1)2018-08-23
      Today were going to look at an important area of science, namely nanotechnology. So what is it? 今天我們要來看看一個重要的科學領域,也就是納米技術.納米技術是什么呢?
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第51期:Test4(section3-4)2018-08-22
      I dont suppose its a good idea to get in touch with companies directly, is it? 我猜直接和公司聯系應該不是個好主意,對吧?
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第50期:Test4(section3-3)2018-08-21
      Your mentor is supposed to keep you informed, but you cant rely on that. 你的指導者本應通知你這些的,但是你不能完全依賴他.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第49期:Test4(section3-2)2018-08-19
      Do you think you got any better at managing your time and prioritising things? 那你覺得這次實習結束之后,你在管理時間和分清事情的先后次序方面有沒有變得更好呢?
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第48期:Test4(section3-1)2018-08-18
      Hi, Laura, could you spare a few minutes to talk about the work placement you did last summer? Laura,你好,你能不能抽幾分鐘時間跟我講一講你去年暑假做的實習?
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第47期:Test4(section2-3)2018-08-17
      We suggest you start with the visit to the copper mine. 我們建議各位從游覽銅礦開始.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第46期:Test4(section2-2)2018-08-16
      In the early days, the ores had been smelted or processed in the same area they were mined. 早期的時候,礦石是在開采地區就近冶煉或者加工的.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第45期:Test4(section2-1)2018-08-15
      Welcome to Manham Port, where a thousand years of history are brought to life. 歡迎來到Manham港口,千年的歷史會在這里重現.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第44期:Test4(section1-4)2018-08-14
      Fine. Yeah, as I say I can come round tomorrow morning to look over things with you.mThats great, thank you. 好的,就像我之前說的,我明天上午會過去一趟,跟你一起大致看看情況.那太好了,謝謝您.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第43期:Test4(section1-3)2018-08-13
      What Ill do is come round tomorrow morning and do that immediately. 我明天上午過去,馬上幫您換掉.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第42期:Test4(section1-2)2018-08-12
      The customer heard the builder from her friend, so friend has been written in the place. 這位顧客是從她的朋友那兒知道這位施工者的,所以空白處應該填寫friend.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第41期:Test4(section1-1)2018-08-11
      Im sure Id be able to help but let me take down a few details. Yes, of course. 我相信這些活我都能干,不過我得先了解一下具體信息.好的,當然可以.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第40期:Test3(section4-4)2018-08-10
      In conclusion, it is important to understand that one focus is not necessarily better than the other one. 總之,大家要明白的重要的一點就是:一種焦點并不一定就比另一種要好.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第39期:Test3(section4-3)2018-08-09
      Transformational leaders when interacting with their followers focus on their development. 變革型領導者在與下屬交往時會關注他們的發展.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第38期:Test3(section4-2)2018-08-08
      In a specific situation, our thoughts might focus more on promotion goals or more on prevention goals. 在具體情況下,我們的想法可能會更關注提升性目標,也有可能更注重預防性目標.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第37期:Test3(section4-1)2018-08-07
      Self-regulatory focus theory is a theory developed by Tori Higgins. 自我調節焦點理論是Tori Higgins提出的一個理論.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第36期:Test3(section3-4)2018-08-06
      And while youre abroad dont make the mistake I made. 等你去了國外,千萬不要犯我犯過的錯誤.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第35期:Test3(section3-3)2018-08-05
      Youll find that certain places are very popular with everyone. 所以你在那個階段要動作快一點,因為有些地方非常搶手.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第34期:Test3(section3-2)2018-08-04
      so in the first scene we needed to know how boring life was in the doctors village in the 1950s, 在第一個場景,要向觀眾展現出二十世紀五十年代的時候,醫生所在的那個村子里的生活有多么無聊.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第33期:Test3(section3-1)2018-08-03
      He must have all sorts of stories, but he never says much about his work, even now. 他肯定經歷過各種各樣的事情,但是他一直都不怎么聊他的工作,即使現在也是這樣.
      大陸版劍橋雅思10真題聽力 第32期:Test3(section2-4)2018-08-02
      They all have their own personalities, Moon dancer is very elegant and curves out and into the water very smoothly, 它們性格各異,Moondancer非常優雅,跳出水面和落回海里的時候動作非常流暢,
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