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      雅思考試IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由劍橋大學考試委員會外語考試部、英國文化協會及IDP教育集團共同管理,是一種針英語能力,為打算到使用英語的國家學習、工作或定居的人們設置的英語水平考試。

      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第60期:Test4 (section4-4)2018-05-17
      At around the same time, South Africa introduced meshing to some of its most popular swimming beaches. 同時,南非在一些受歡迎的海灘建網.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第59期:Test4 (section4-3)2018-05-16
      Beach-netting, or meshing, involves setting large nets parallel to the shore; 沙灘網或者建網是設置一張與海岸平行的大網.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第57期:Test4 (section4-1)2018-05-16
      Today were going to look at one of my favourite fish - the shark. 今天,我們來看看我最喜歡的魚——鯊魚.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第56期:Test4 (section3-5)2018-05-15
      Oh, yes well, that won’t be any good then. We’ll only see the kids for one or two hours at the most. 是的,這樣不好.我們最多只跟孩子們待一、兩個小時.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第55期:Test4 (section3-4)2018-05-15
      Right, number one. I thought this one sounded nice: thered be lots of activity and it doesnt need too much in the way of equipment. 好的,第一個.我覺得這個不錯.有很多的活動,也不需要很多準備材料.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第54期:Test4 (section3-3)2018-05-14
      OK, well it does sound interesting. Shall we go through all of those again and decide if any of them are going to be suitable? 好的,聽起來很有趣.我們要不要把這些實驗再過一遍,然后決定哪個更合適?
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第53期:Test4 (section3-2)2018-05-14
      Er, and, basically, because not all paperclips are the same lengths, they should come up with some strangeanswers. 基本上,不是所有的曲別針都是一個長度,所以他們會得出一些奇怪的答案.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第52期:Test4 (section3-1)2018-05-13
      Oh, I was sick with the flu. Whats this I hear about a big assignment weve got to do? 我得了流感.我聽說我們有一個重要的作業要做?
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第51期:Test4 (section2-3)2018-05-13
      The following is a summary of costs and special inclusive offers on holidays for the coming summer. 接下來的是這個即將到來的夏季假期成本和特殊報價的總結.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第50期:Test4 (section2-2)2018-05-12
      But the pride of Travelite is the level of guidance and support we offer on our walks. 但是Travelite驕傲的是我們提供給顧客最好的指導和支持.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第49期:Test4 (section2-1)2018-05-12
      Thank you for calling the free Travelite Travel Agency Information Line. 感謝你往Travelite旅行社撥打免費的咨詢電話,
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第48期:Test4 (section1-4)2018-05-11
      So we should ask the guests to bring photos. OK. I’ll put it on the invitations. 那么我們應該要求客人帶照片來,好的,我把這點寫在邀請信上.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第47期:Test4 (section1-3)2018-05-11
      We dont ask them to bring more drinks because we figure thats ... that should come from the Social Fund. 我們不要求他們帶酒水來.因為我們認為這些應該出自社會籌款的部分.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第46期:Test4 (section1-2)2018-05-10
      Yeah, coffee breaks always the best time, cos people have got their money handy. 是的,喝咖啡的休息時間很合適,因為人們手邊正好有錢.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第45期:Test4 (section1-1)2018-05-10
      You know weve been asked to organise something for Johns farewell? 人們想讓我們準備約翰的歡送會?
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第44期:Test3 (section4-4)2018-05-09
      The recommendations would be at least video surveillance and security personnel who would check Student Union cards on request. 建議是至少設置視頻監控并且讓安保人員按要求檢查學生卡.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第43期:Test3 (section4-3)2018-05-09
      There was minimal interest in having a library on the premises, but one option seemed to be a reading room instead - more useful. 人們對樓內建設圖書館的興趣最低.但是有一種觀點認為讀書室更有用.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第42期:Test3 (section4-2)2018-05-08
      This presentation is essentially a summary and discussion of the key points of this report. 這次講座主要是對這份報道的關鍵點進行概括、討論.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第41期:Test3 (section4-1)2018-05-08
      If I could start by briefly explaining what steps were taken to find out student opinion and how we have arrived at conclusions. 如果我能先簡單解釋一下我們是如何聽取學生意見及如何得出結論的.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第40期:Test3 (section3-4)2018-05-06
      This is aimed at upgrading the study skills most school-leavers have and help them cope with the increased demands of university study. 目的是幫助多數離校的人員提高學習技能,幫助他們應付要求漸高的大學學習.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第39期:Test3 (section3-3)2018-05-06
      Of course it is. Two of the key components of the course are time management and overcoming procrastination. 當然.課程的兩個關鍵部分是時間管理和克服拖延癥.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第38期:Test3 (section3-2)2018-05-05
      Mm, that sounds good. What are some of the strategies that are presented? 聽起來不錯,你提到的策略是什么?
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第37期:Test3 (section3-1)2018-05-05
      Yes, hello. Iv been referred to you because Im enquiring aboul the refresher courses that you run. 你好.我想找你詢問一下你的進修課程.
      劍橋雅思4真題聽力 第36期:Test3 (section2-5)2018-05-04
      This is a fantastic show and the best moment comes at the end -- seeing the puppeteers. 這是一場極其棒的節目,最好的部分是在結尾的時候見到操作木偶者.
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