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      雅思考試IELTS),外文名International English Language Testing System,由劍橋大學考試委員會外語考試部、英國文化協會及IDP教育集團共同管理,是一種針英語能力,為打算到使用英語的國家學習、工作或定居的人們設置的英語水平考試。

      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第57期Test4(4-3)2018-06-29
      So,how exactly does MSG work? Well,in the Western world,we commonly talk of four tastes,
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第58期Test4(4-4)2018-06-29
      And it is thought that MSG intensifies this naturally occurring taste in some food. 味精很自然地加強了一些事物的味道.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第56期Test4(4-2)2018-06-28
      In fact,hundreds of thousands of tonnes of MSG are produced all over the world today. 事實上,如今成千上萬噸的味精在全世界生產.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第55期Test4(4-1)2018-06-28
      In todays lecture,Im going to talk about Monosodium Glutamate,or MSG, as its more commonly known. 在今天的課上,我將要講解一下味精,或者說是更為大眾所知的MSG.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第54期Test4(3-4)2018-06-27
      Oh...someones enthusiastic! Well...if somethings worth doing. 有人相當有激情啊!-如果事情值得做的話.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第53期Test4(3-3)2018-06-27
      No problem, well get that from the media room...must remember to book it. 沒問題,我們可以從媒體室拿,別忘了預定.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第52期Test4(3-2)2018-06-26
      Then we ought to give an overview of the whole education system. 之后我們要介紹整個教育系統的概況.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第51期Test4(3-1)2018-06-26
      Remind me,Trevor...how long is the presentation? 特雷弗,提醒我一下,演講要多長時間?
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第50期Test4(2-5)2018-06-25
      The area is now most often used by primary schools for biology lessons. 這一區域現在主要用于小學的生物課程.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第49期Test4(2-4)2018-06-25
      And around to the west,you can relax and sit on a bench to smell the flowers in the rose garden,在西面,你可以坐在長椅上放松,聞著玫瑰園的花香.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第48期Test4(2-3)2018-06-24
      Well,here we are at the top of The Tower,and were going to look at the view from each direction.現在我們到了塔的頂部,我們將望望這里每一面的風景.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第47期Test4(2-2)2018-06-24
      It stands twelve metres high,so follow me up the stairs to where we can take advantage of the fantastic views. 它有12米高,所以跟我上樓看一看這里的美麗風景.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第46期Test4(2-1)2018-06-23
      I hope that youre all wearing your most comfortable shoes and that you can keep up the pace. 我希望你們都穿著最舒適的鞋子,跟得上我們的步伐.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第45期Test4(1-3)2018-06-23
      All right,now what about you? Are you a vegertarian or do you have any special food requirements? 好的,那么你呢? 你是素食主義者嗎,或者你有特殊的食物要求嗎?
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第44期Test4(1-2)2018-06-22
      Okay,and what about pets? I am a veterinarian so thats fine... the more the better. 好的,那么寵物呢? 我是一名獸醫,所以沒關系,越多越好.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第43期Test4(1-1)2018-06-22
      My friend is in homestay...and she really enjoys it...so Id like to join a family as well. 我的朋友住在寄宿家庭,她很喜歡那里,所以我也想住到寄宿家庭里.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第42期Test3(4-4)2018-06-21
      Now,finally I want to consider the psychology underpinning the traditional holiday hotel industry.最后,我想討論一下支撐傳統假日酒店的心理學問題.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第41期Test3(4-3)2018-06-21
      However,nothing stands still in this world. 然而,在這個世界上沒有什么是止步不前的.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第40期Test3(4-2)2018-06-20
      Is it possible that the external environment can affect a guests well-being? 外部環境可能會影響客人的幸福感嗎?
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第39期Test3(4-1)2018-06-20
      be they travelling for work or pleasure:the need to feel at home in surroundings which are both familiar and inviting. 無論他們是出差還是旅行都應讓他們感到周圍是熟悉、親切的家的感覺
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第38期Test3(3-4)2018-06-19
      That sounds a bit like science fiction,especially when now we cant even tell them when a drought will break. 這聽起來有點像科幻小說,特別是目前我們還無法告訴他們干旱何時會停止.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第37期Test3(3-3)2018-06-19
      For example,our understanding of the underlying causes of E1 Nino events is being confirmed by float data. 比如,我們對厄爾尼諾現象內在原因的理解可以由漂浮物搜集到的信息來確認.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第36期Test3(3-2)2018-06-18
      Each of the floats is dropped in the ocean from a boat at a set point and activated from a satellite.每一個漂浮物都是在設定點從船上放入海里,并且由衛星激活.
      劍橋雅思7真題聽力 第35期Test3(3-1)2018-06-18
      Thanks to all of you for coming along today to hear about how the robotic float project is helping with ocean research. 感謝各位的光臨,今天主要講解自動漂浮項目是如何有助于海洋研究的.
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