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      再造淑女Selfie 第14期:想擁有堅實的臀部嗎?2016-03-27
      Medium rainfall on roof with gentle overspill from gutters...Its your favorite, isnt it? 中雨打在屋頂上,雨水從溝槽里流出,這不是你最喜歡的嗎?
      再造淑女Selfie 第13期:婚禮的感觸2016-03-27
      The next day, I decided I was done socializing and back to social networking because the real world sucks.第二天,我決定不去交際了,重回社交網絡,因為現實世界糟透了.
      再造淑女Selfie 第12期:前女友的博客2016-03-26
      As I listened to Maureen recite those crazy vows, it hit me...聽到莫琳朗誦這瘋狂的誓詞我突然意識到,
      再造淑女Selfie 第11期:美美地現身2016-03-26
      Well, You are...wearing an enormous amount of fragrance.你真是...噴了超多香水啊.
      再造淑女Selfie 第10期:跟別人借禮服2016-03-25
      With my credit cards maxed and my own clothes too slutty, I had no choice other than to ask a friend for help.我的信用卡刷爆了,自己的衣服又都太風騷,我沒辦法只有找朋友求助了.
      再造淑女Selfie 第09期:布置作業2016-03-25
      Youre not slurping.不要喝出聲,Were making pleasant conversation.我們在愉快地談話.
      再造淑女Selfie 第08期:從打招呼做起2016-03-24
      Just go about your day as you normally would.像平常一樣開始你的一天吧.
      再造淑女Selfie 第07期:祈求變為窈窕淑女2016-03-24
      When I was sick, not one person called to see if I was okay, and I dont know why.我難受時,沒有人打電話過來問候我,我不知道為什么.
      再造淑女Selfie 第06期:成為更好的人2016-03-23
      You know, I read an article that said Asian men are more comfortable kissing on the mouth as a sign of friendship.我看到一篇文章說亞洲男人把親嘴當成是友誼的體現.
      再造淑女Selfie 第05期:害怕上班2016-03-23
      So, any plans for the weekend? 周末有什么活動? No.沒有.So, no girlfriend.看來你沒有女朋友.
      再造淑女Selfie 第04期:失去婚姻2016-03-22
      Even if you are in a passionless marriage, it doesnt mean adultery is okay.即使是婚姻失去了激情也不代表就可以出軌啊.
      再造淑女Selfie 第03期:出洋相2016-03-22
      Being drenched in panic pudding at a cruising altitude of 36,000 feet or how many people liked seeing me that way.在36000英尺的高空出盡洋相,還是那么多人看到我這樣都很開心.
      再造淑女Selfie 第02期:你居然結婚了2016-03-21
      Thought you could escape me in first class? 在頭等艙就能逃出我的掌心嗎?
      再造淑女Selfie 第01期:最丑霉女2016-03-21
      Let me take a selfie? 讓我拍個自拍吧? The funny thing is, people used to call me butt-ugly.可笑的是過去人們叫我大丑女.