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      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit15:Our Mother Earth2013-06-15
      Many people agree with such views. However, a Danish statistician named Bjorn Lomborg argues for an opposite point of view. In his opinion, the available evidence does not back up this list of environmental problems.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit14:That's Life2013-06-14
      The exchange rate between South Africa's currency, the rand, and many Western currencies is quite unfair. One rand will buy fewer than ten US cents. As a South African, when I'm in London my great fear is being left holding a restaurant bill. I find myself sitting bolt upright in bed just thinking about it.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit13:Reality TV2013-06-14
      Reality TV shows have taken the world by storm. 'Survivor', 'Big Brother' and other shows have drawn hundreds of millions of viewers to the screen.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit12:Opinion Polls2013-06-13
      Man: The percentages. Like recently there was a survey about what people thought about traffic, and petrol prices, and public car parks. In some car parks it now costs something like 5 pounds to park a car for half an hour.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit11:Home-schooling2013-06-13
      I've never believed that the only way to get an education is to sit at a desk with four walls around you. The world is our classroom and our home, a 41-foot sailing boat, takes us there. My husband and I dreamed of sailing around the world before our daughters were even born.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit10:Addiction2013-06-11
      Margaret frowned as she shook the can of deodorant. It was almost empty but she'd only had it a week -- surely she couldn't have used it all?
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit9:War2013-06-11
      The city of Ypres in Belgium has been invaded 19 times, most famously in World War I. Some time ago I went with two friends to visit the battlefields and cemeteries there, and particularly to see the tomb of my uncle who was killed in the war at the age of 20.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit8:Aging2013-06-11
      The phone rang and it was my husband Jack asking me to take some lunch to his office. As I drove off, I noticed a new shopping center. Strange I hadn't noticed it before. Near his office I also saw a fire station I didn't recognize.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit7:Anti-smoking2013-06-11
      It was a normal day and in their New York office, Ken and his colleagues stopped for their coffee break. But while his colleagues were able to sit at their desks and drink their coffee, Ken had to go outside. He couldn't stay inside, because he wanted to smoke. If the smokers of the Big Apple want to enjoy a cigarette, the authorities have decided they must go out into the street or up onto the rooftops.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit6:Wealth2013-06-10
      The meaning of wealth today is usually defined as the amount of money and material goods that one has accumulated and the ability to purchase more goods at an ever-increasing rate. A wealthy person possesses so much money that it would be difficult for him to spend it all in his lifetime without being wasteful and extravagant.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit5:Memory2013-06-10
      Try to imagine a life without a memory. It would be impossible. You couldn't use a language, because you wouldn't remember the words. You couldn't understand a film, because you need to hold the first part of the story in your mind in order to understand the later parts.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit4:Explaining Processes2013-06-09
      W: Oh, er...well, a screen's better, but I suppose this wall will be all right. It is sort of white. Anyway, let's try it. So, the next thing you have to do is press these buttons in and lift this part up until it snaps into place.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit3:One World2013-06-09
      Chairman: Welcome to this special birthday edition of One World. Yes, folks, we've been on the air for exactly one year now, and we thought it would be a nice idea to have a special program dedicated to birthday celebrations around the world. With us in the studio tonight we have Shaheen Hag and Pat Cane, who have a weekly column on birthdays in the Toronto Daily Star.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit2:Dealing with Cultural Differences2013-06-08
      Catherine's mother was an energetic woman full of life and love before she got cancer. It pained Catherine to see her mother suffer and become someone who depends entirely on others. Catherine tried hard to find a way to give her mother something to look forward to.
      新版大學英語聽說教程 第4冊 Unit1:Friendship2013-06-08
      Jack and Ben, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. Jack, whose bed was next to the room's only window, was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour each afternoon to help drain the fluid from his lungs. But Ben had to spend all day and night flat on his bed. To kill time the two men began to talk.