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      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit10:Saying Goodbye2015-05-13
      Philip drank a lot of wine while having supper with a few friends. Being half drunk, he was speaking from the bottom of his heart.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit9:Welcoming2015-05-12
      This sudden psychological transition from competent adult to ineffective child inevitably results in the serious impact of the individuals feelings of self-worth.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit8:Making an Apology2015-05-12
      This form of address is common not simply in doctors and dentists offices, but almost everywhere. At a local bank the other day the young woman who was dealing with me, after checking my name out on the withdrawal slip, wished me Merry Christmas, Thomas.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit7:Conference2015-05-11
      Todays economy still depends on the same major industries that were important in the past. The agriculture, steel, and automobile industries are some of the giants that have led economic expansion.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit6:We Need Retraining2015-05-11
      Your work in business will involve communication—a lot of it—because communication is a major and essential part of the work of business.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit5:A Manager Is Wanted2015-05-10
      There has been an impressive change during the first 30 years after the end of World War II. Those three decades saw an unprecedented growth in the demand for management and professional staff in Britain.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit4:Overseas Students2015-05-10
      Au pair is an arrangement under which a girl who is not less than seventeen years old comes to the United Kingdom primarily to learn the English language and to live for a while as a member of a resident English-speaking family.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit3:Job Hunting2015-05-09
      The coming early summer is again the time when college students are busy with job interviews in the hope that four years high priced education was not in vain.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit2:Personal Selling2015-05-09
      Selling styles differ in many ways but one fundamental difference is between the sales-oriented and the customer-oriented approach.
      成人高等教育英語教材第四冊 Unit1:Email and Internet2015-05-08
      Thousands of Americans over 50 are discovering friends, fun, and new ideas on an Internet-based community called SeniorNet.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit10:Do They Save Time..2015-05-08
      So you think you have some of the good things in life. Youve got a video tape recorder and a device that answers the phone for you. And theres a gadget that turns off the lights when youre out.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit9:Can You Use a Computer?2015-05-07
      Janet decides its time to learn how to use a computer, and goes to the computer room in her college. She asks someone there how to use the computer. The following is the conversation between Janet (J) and another student (AS) in the computer room.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit8:TV Commercials2015-05-07
      Advertisement—most commonly known as "commercial" among the Americans, is a commonplace in a country where commodity economy controls.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit7:Do You Follow Ads?2015-05-06
      The Cup Final is still the only football match guaranteed to attract 100,000 spectators to Wembley Stadium every year, even though it is also shown on television.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit6:Do You Follow Ads?2015-05-06
      Advertising follows us everywhere. Whenever we turn on the television, listen to the radio or open a newspaper or magazine, we are bombarded with advertisements.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit5:How Does the Stock Exchange Wo2015-05-05
      Many different kinds of people buy shares of stock in the stock market. People who buy shares of stock in a company may make money in two ways.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit4:How to Use a Bank2015-05-05
      Everyone needs money to buy food, clothes, and housing. Very few people can produce everything that they need. Today, most people use money to buy these things.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit3:Social Customs2015-05-04
      There are many things that we do in our own culture that we never ask questions about. We do things without thinking about them because we have always done them in the same way.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit2:Western Holidays2015-05-04
      Christmas Day, which is the most festive time in the United States, falls on December 25th on which Christian people believe Jesus Christ was born.
      成人高等教育英語教材第三冊 Unit1:Education In the Air2015-05-03
      In traditional education, the teacher may feel that the students are not very grown up. Usually, teachers are older than students, and teachers feel that students are young and do not know very much about the world.
      成人高等教育英語教材第二冊 Unit15:My Hometown2015-05-03
      Mr. Hall spent his childhood in Changchun, China. However, he has lived most of his life in Newtown. He is now returning to Changchun for the first time in twenty years and is traveling by bus with his nephew.
      成人高等教育英語教材第二冊 Unit14:Asking the Way Outdoors2015-05-02
      At the railway station, you change to No.15 bus, which will take you right to the harbor.
      成人高等教育英語教材第二冊 Unit13:Asking the Way Indoors2015-05-02
      Turn right at the Human Resources Division, the manager's room is the second door on your right, near the Exit Sign.
      成人高等教育英語教材第二冊 Unit12:An Invitation Card2015-05-01
      How about some American food? But not too expensive. An expensive place would make me uncomfortable.
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