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      自考英語講座(上) 第78講:復習(3)2015-06-05
      自考英語講座(上) 第78講:復習(3),本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      自考英語講座(上) 第77講:復習(2)2015-06-05
      自考英語講座(上) 第77講:復習(2),本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      自考英語講座(上) 第76講:復習(1)2015-06-04
      自考英語講座(上) 第76講:復習(1),本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      自考英語講座(上) 第75講:American Men Dont Cry2015-06-04
      American men dont cry because it is considered not characteristic of men to do so. only women cry. Cry is a weakness characteristic of the female, and no American male wants to be identified with anything in the least weak or feminine.
      自考英語講座(上) 第74講:one need cry2015-06-03
      Mary gets along well with her students. Clearly it is easier, if less rewarding, to worry than to be an active, involved person.
      自考英語講座(上) 第73講:American Men Don't Cry2015-06-03
      My diet would be fine if only (只要...就好) I didn’t have this weakness for sweet things.
      自考英語講座(上) 第72講:Wind is the characteristic of sprin2015-06-02
      It is not that American males are unable to cry because of some biological time clock within them (which causes them to run down in that capacity as they grow older), but that they are trained not to cry.
      自考英語講座(上) 第71講:The solution to this problem is&nbs2015-06-02
      The local people could also be taught to earn more money by cutting the selected trees and making them into furniture on the spot.
      自考英語講座(上) 第70講:Threaten.. with..2015-06-01
      He threatened her with a gun. She was threatened with a gun by him.
      自考英語講座(上) 第69講:Break record2015-06-01
      Keep fit occupation --- profession prior to Involve---involved
      自考英語講座(上) 第68講:Control--rule--govern2015-05-31
      I don’t want to compare you with him. poets often compare their lovers to red apples.
      自考英語講座(上) 第67講:You Cant Do It Because It Hurt2015-05-31
      Who do you think breaks the law in our society? If you believe that only tough guys commit crimes, you may have to think again. Answer the following questions honestly.
      自考英語講座(上) 第66講:Animals at Risk:Who Cares?2015-05-30
      An animal species becomes extinct when it fails to produce enough young in each generation to keep pace with the death-rate. We can tell from fossil evidence in rocks that many living species have become extinct over the millions of years since life began.
      自考英語講座(上) 第65講:The more haste, the less speed2015-05-30
      By the end of last term we had learned 500 words. He said he would come here the next week.
      自考英語講座(上) 第64講:Why Are Maps Drawn with North2015-05-29
      The oldest known map in the accepted sense of the word was drawn about 3,800 BC, and represents the river Euphrates flowing through northern Mesopotamia, Iraq. This, and others that followed it, were little more than rough sketches of localized features.
      自考英語講座(上) 第63講:Die-died--died-dying2015-05-29
      More and more Americans nowadays are having panic attacks like the one experienced by Anne peters. Benjamin Crocker, a psychologist at the University of Southern California, reveal that as many as ten million adult Americans have already or will experience at least one panic attack in their lifetime.
      自考英語講座(上) 第62講:panic and Its Effects2015-05-28
      More and more people are realizing that there is a connection between heart disease and the way they live. As a result of(因為,由于) this new awareness, attitudes toward health are changing.
      自考英語講座(上) 第61講:Heart Disease: Treat or prevent2015-05-28
      This emphasis on treatment is clearly associated with the technological advances that have taken place in the past ten to fifteen years. In this time, modern technology has enabled doctors to develop new surgical techniques and procedures.
      自考英語講座(上) 第60講:Enable to do sth2015-05-27
      You should take responsibility for what you said. You should be responsible for what you said.
      自考英語講座(上) 第59講:Advanced--in advance2015-05-27
      It is good idea for parents to monitor the amount as well as the kind of television that their preschool child watches.
      自考英語講座(上) 第58講:A piece of evidence2015-05-26
      A good command of English is greatly due to much exposure to that language.
      自考英語講座(上) 第57講:Advantage2015-05-26
      Do violence to sth. It would do violence to his principle to eat meat.
      自考英語講座(上) 第56講:As well as2015-05-25
      The film had been on for half an hour, when I arrived at the cinema.
      自考英語講座(上) 第55講:Frankly speaking2015-05-25
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