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      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit1 intergrating skills2012-12-31
      Do you know that you can use the Internet to make friends?You may know that a pen friend,or pen pal,is someone you write letters to.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit1 listening2012-12-31
      Peter, I'm not happy about this. this is a third time you are late for football practise. you have to do something about this.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Uint1 reading2012-12-30
      In the movie Cast Away,Tom Hanks plays a man named Chuck Noland. Chuck is a businessman who is always so busy that he has little time for his friends. He is a successful manager in a company that sends mail all over the world.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit1 speaking2012-12-30
      I'm 15 years old and I love football. I also like reading, especially stories about people from other countries. I don't enjoy singing, nor do I like computers. I think that rock music is terrible.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit1 words2012-12-29
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Uint2 intergrating skills2012-12-29
      Many students want to know about the differences between American English and British English. How did these differences come about? There is no quick answer to this question. At first the language in Britain and America was the same.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit2 listening2012-12-28
      Listen carefully to the tape. Mr.Brown's landlady has many house rules. Write down five of them.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit2 reading2012-12-28
      However,the number of people who learn English as a foreign language is more than 750 million.Everywhere in the world children go to school to learn English.Most people learn English for five or six years at high school.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit2 speaking2012-12-27
      Ms SMITH: Harry, take these tow pizzas to Mr. Thompson on Broad Street, Number 12.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit2 warming up2012-12-27
      NANCY:Why,of course.You don't need to ask,just make yourself at home.Let me give you a clean towel.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit2 words2012-12-26
      Nancy 南希(女子名)bathroom 浴室;廁所make oneself at home 別人客氣towel 毛巾landlady 女房東;老板娘
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit3 listening2012-12-26
      Your attention, please. Flight CA 1145 from Beijing to Tokyo is now boarding at gate D45. Please your boarding cards ready and go to the gate.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit3 reading2012-12-24
      Why do people travel? Well, many people travel because they want to see other countries and visit places that are famous, interesting or beautiful. People also travel to meet new friends, to try new kinds of food, to experience life in other parts of the world or simply to get away from cold weather.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit3 words2012-12-24
      consider vt 考慮;照顧;認為means n 手段;方法transportation n 運輸;運送board n 上(船、飛機等)destination n 目的地
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit4 intergrating skills2012-12-24
      During the first week of May I went on a holiday to Sichuan.First,I found some photos of interesting places which were not too far away from Chengdu.I decided to go and see the big Buddha in leshan and Mount Emei.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit4 listening2012-12-24
      Listening, Hunks Dram lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter. On Oct.17th 1989, a strong earthquake took place and killed over 100 people. Hunk was cut in the earthquake.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit4 reading2012-12-23
      Flora heard somebody shouting. She looked around and saw Jeff running. Befor she could move,she heard a loud noise which grew to a terrible roar. She looked at Jell, who was waving his arms.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit4 speaking2012-12-23
      You have promised to play tennis with you friend every week,but you are not very good at it.EXAMPLE:A:Im very good at tennis,you know.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit4 words2012-12-22
      unforgettable 難忘的seismograph 地動儀;測震儀Howard Carter 霍華德·卡特king 國王King Tut 圖特王(古埃及國王)
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit5 intergrating skills2012-12-22
      Zhang Yimou’s film Not One Less tells a simple but moving story. Mr Gao, the only teacher of the Shuiquan Primary School, has to stay away for a month to take care of his sick mother.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit5 listening2012-12-21
      The silver screenListeningListen to the interview with Mr.Milkam Lamland and answer the following questions.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit5 reading2012-12-21
      Steven Spielberg,whose mother was a music teacher,was born in 1946 in a small town in America.He started making short films when he was still a young boy.He made his first real film when he was twelve.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit5 speaking2012-12-20
      Ask questions about the place where they grew up,the time when they were young,the reasons why they chose their jobs and about their career.
      人教版英語課本聽力第一冊:Unit5 words2012-12-20
      silver n 銀;銀子silver screen 銀幕;電影(業)Bicentennial Man 《變人》(電影名)Jurassic Park 《侏羅紀公園》(電影名)Mulan 《花木蘭》(電影名)
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