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      《二冊實踐與進步 初級班》構建英語的基石(Practice and Progress)在掌握一冊語法知識的基礎上,由淺入深、逐步講解語法要點,使你輕松掌握枯燥的語法;通過對句型想方設法的分析及對詞匯、短語的講解,使你在聽、說、讀中能真正運用地道的句型。掌握后,可以參加高考一類考試。

      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson942012-04-28
      …children become expert at holding their breath under water even before they can walk.……孩子們甚至在還沒有學會走路時就已經能熟練地在水下屏住呼吸了。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson952012-04-27
      University students set the Embassy on fire this morning. 今天上午大學生們放火點著了大使館。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson902012-04-27
      Fish and chips has always been a favourite dish in Britain…油煎魚加炸土豆片一直是英國人喜愛的一道菜……
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson932012-04-21
      One of the most famous monuments in the world, the Statue of Liberty, was presented to… by the people of France. 世界上最著名的紀念碑之一的自由女神雕像是……由法國人民贈送給……的。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson922012-04-21
      You shouldnt have been so rude to her. You are asking for trouble.你不該對她那么粗魯。你這是自找麻煩。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson912012-04-20
      A pilot noticed a balloon which seemed to be making for a Royal Air Force Station nearby. 一個飛行員發現了一只氣球,它像是正飛往附近的一個皇家空軍基地。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson862012-04-20
      Both men had hardly had time to realize what was happening when they were thrown violently into the sea.他們兩個還沒來得及意識到究竟發生了什么事情,就被猛地拋入了海里。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson892012-04-17
      People will do anything to see a free show…人們總要想盡辦法去看不花錢的演出……
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson852012-04-17
      All those who have contributed towards the gift will sign their names in a large album…所有湊錢買此禮品的人都將把自己的名字簽在一本大簽名簿上……
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson872012-04-14
      And you didn't notice anything unusual? 您沒有注意到有什么異常情況發生嗎?
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson842012-04-14
      It is not clear yet when the teachers on strike will return to their classrooms.
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson832012-04-11
      The former Prime Minister, Mr. Wentworth Lane, was defeated in the recent elections. 前首相溫特沃茲·萊恩先生在最近的大選中被擊敗。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson812012-04-11
      …the prisoner marched boldly up and down in front of the camp. ……(那戰俘)在軍營門前大膽地來回走著。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson822012-04-08
      Fishermen and sailors sometimes claim to have seen monsters in the sea. 漁夫和水手們有時聲稱看見過海里的妖怪。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson792012-04-08
      No sooner had he returned than he bought a house and went to live there.
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson802012-04-07
      There was also a great deal of machinery on display. 參展的還有很多機器。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lesson782012-04-07
      I had all the usual symptoms of someone giving up smoking: a bad temper and an enormous appetite. 我具備了戒煙者通常表現出來的所有癥狀:脾氣暴躁和食欲旺盛。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons772012-04-04
      The operation, which lasted for over four hours, proved to be very difficult…手術持續了4個多小時,非常難做……
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons762012-04-04
      …we're going over to the macaroni fields of Calabria.……我們現在到克拉布利亞的通心粉田里。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons752012-04-01
      The woman kept as near as she could to the children…這位婦女盡可能地靠近孩子……
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons732012-04-01
      The three boys who are fishing over there are truants and ought to be sent back to school.
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons742012-03-31
      An ancient bus stopped by a dry river bed and a party of famous actors and actresses got off.一輛古舊的汽車停在一條干涸的河床邊,一群著名男女演員下了車。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons722012-03-31
      The great racing driver, Sir Malcolm Campbell, was the first man to drive at over 300 miles per hour. 杰出的賽車選車馬爾
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons712012-03-29
      If the Houses of Parliament had not been burned down in 1834, the great clock would never have been erected. 如果不是國會大廈在1834年被焚毀的話,這座大鐘永遠也不會建造。
      新概念第二冊自學導讀 Lessons702012-03-29
      The drunk, however, seemed quite sure of himself.可這醉漢像是很有把握似的。
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