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      新概念英語第三冊》是該教材首次出版以來第一次推出的新版本。這套經典教材一如既往地向讀者提供一個完整的、經過實踐檢驗的英語學習體系,使學生 有可能在英語的四項基本技能——理解、口語、閱讀和寫作——方面最大限度地發揮自己的潛能。

      掌握英語的關鍵(Developing Skills)著重分析句子之間內在的邏輯關系,使你認識到句型的精煉、優美、實用與可模仿性,從而將其有機地運用于英語寫作之中;老師將進一步擴充講解詞匯、短語及語法的實戰運用。具備3000個左右的詞匯,或已完成《新概念英語》第二冊學習的學員可進行《新概念英語》第三冊的學習。

      New Concept English 為基本教材,結合前程自編英語教材,聽說讀寫全面出發,循序漸進地擴充語法、強化訓練,解決您的應試教育之苦;同時,注重實用,師生互助開口講英語,介紹經典口語、英文故事及其由來;配美文化背景、古希臘神話傳說嵌入課堂之中,妙趣橫生,前程英語注重應試教育和素質教育“兩手抓”,讓您在輕松愉悅的環境中感受到英語水平的全面提高!


      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第16課:現代城市2011-06-11
      In the organization of industrial life the influence of the factory upon the physiological and mental state of the workers has been completely neglected. Modern industry is based on the conception of the maximum production at lowest cost, in order that an individual or a group of individuals may earn as much money as possible.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第15課:工業中的秘密2011-06-11
      Two factors weigh heavily against the effectiveness of scientific research in industry. One is the general atmosphere of secrecy in which it is carried out, the other the lack of freedom of the individual research worker.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第14課:蝴蝶效應2011-06-10
      Beyond two or three days, the world's best weather forecasts are speculative, and beyond six or seven they are worthless.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第13課:探尋石油2011-06-10
      The deepest holes of all made for oil, and they go down to as much as 25,0000 feet. But we not need to send men down to get the oil our, as we must with other mineral deposits. The holes are only borings, less than a foot in diameter.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第12課:銀行和顧客2011-06-05
      When anyone opens a current account at a bank, he is lending the bank money, repayment of which he may demand at any time, either in cash or by drawing a cheque in favour of another person.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第11課:如何安度晚年2011-06-04
      Some old people are oppressed by the fear of death. In the young there is a justification for this feeling. Young men who have reason to fear that they will be killed in battle may justifiably feel bitter in the thought that they have cheated of the best things that life has to offer.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第10課:硅谷2011-06-03
      Technology trends may push Silicon Valley back to the future. Carver Mead, a pioneer in integrated circuits and a professor of computer science at the California Institute of Technology, notes there are now work-stations that enable engineers to design, test and produce chips right on their desks, much the way an editor creates a newsletter on a Macintosh.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第9課:王室諜報活動2011-06-02
      Alfred the Great acted his own spy, visiting Danish camps disguised as a minstrel. In those days wandering minstrels were welcome everywhere. They were not fighting men, and their harp was their passport. Alfred had learned many of their ballads in his youth, and could vary his programme with acrobatic tricks and simple conjuring.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第8課:貿易標準2011-05-31
      Chickens slaughtered in the United States, claim officials in Brussels, are not fit to grace European tables. No, say the American: our fowl are fine, we simply clean them in a different way. These days, it is differences in national regulations, far more than tariffs, that put sand in the wheels of trade between rich countries.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第7課:蝙蝠2011-05-28
      Not all sounds made by animals serve as language, and we have only to turn to that extraordinary discovery of echo-location in bats to see a case in which the voice plays a strictly utilitarian role.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第6課:體育的精神2011-05-27
      I am always amazed when I hear people saying that sport creates goodwill between the nations, and that if only the common peoples of the would could meet one another at football or cricket, they would have no inclination to meet on the hattlefield.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第5課:青年2011-05-26
      People are always talking about 'the problem of youth'. If there is one which I take leave to doubt -- then it is older people who create it, not the young themselves. Let us get down to fundamentals and agree that the young are after all human beings people just like their elders.
      新概念英語第四冊經典翻譯 第4課:能看見東西的手2011-05-25
      Several cases have been reported in Russia recently of people who can detect colours with their fingers, and even see through solid and walls. One case concerns and eleven-year-old schoolgirl, Vera Petrova, who has normal vision but who can also perceive things with different parts of her skin, and through solid walls.
      新概念英語第四冊模仿翻譯 第3課:馬特霍恩山區人2011-05-24
      Modern alpinists try to climb mountains by a route which will give them good sport, and the more difficult it is, the more highly it is regarded. In the pioneering days, however, this was not the case at all.
      新概念英語第四冊模仿翻譯 第2課: 不要傷害蜘蛛2011-05-21
      Why, you may wonder, should spiders be our friends? Because they destroy so many insects, and insects include some of the greatest enemies of the human race. Insects would make it impossible for us to live in the world; they would devour all our crops and kill our flocks and herds, if it were not for the protection we get from insect-eating animals.
      新概念英語第四冊模仿翻譯 第1課:發現化石人2011-05-20
      We can read of things that happened 5,000 years ago in the Near East, where people first learned to write. But there are some parts of the word where even now people cannot write.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第60課:太早和太晚2011-05-19
      Punctuality is a necessary habit in all public affairs in civilized society. Without it, nothing could ever be brought to a conclusion; everything would be in state of chaos. Only in a sparsely-populated rural community is it possible to disregard it. In ordinary living, there can be some tolerance of unpunctuality.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第59課:一點兒小麻煩2011-05-18
      People tend to amass possessions, sometimes without being aware of doing so. Indeed they can have a delightful surprise when they find something useful which they did not know they owned. Those who never have to move house become indiscriminate collectors of what can only be described as clutter.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第58課:一點兒小麻煩2011-05-18
      The old lady was glad to be back at the block of flats where she lived. Her shopping had tired her and her basket ad grown heavier with every step of the way home. In the life her thoughts were on lunch and a good rest; but when she got out at her own floor, both were forgotten in her sudden discovery that her front door was open.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第57課:重返故里2011-05-14
      I stopped to let the car cool off and to study the map. I had expected to be near my objective by now, but everything still seemed alien to me. I was only five when my father had taken me abroad, and that we eighteen years ago.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第56課:河流,我們的鄰居2011-05-13
      The river which forms the eastern boundary of our farm has always played an important part in our lives. Without it we could not make a living. There is only enough spring water to supply the needs of the houses, so we have to pump from the river for farm use.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第55課:來自地球的問候2011-05-12
      Recent developments in astronomy have made it possible to detect planets in our won Milky Way and in other galaxies. This is a major achievement because, in relative terms, planets are very small and old not emit light.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第54課:是本能還是機智2011-05-11
      We have been brought up to fear insects. We regard them as unnecessary creatures that do more harm than good. We continually wage war on them, for they contaminate our food, carry diseases, or devour our crops. They sting or bite without provocation;
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第53課:為了公眾的利益2011-05-10
      The Scandinavian countries are much admired all over the world for their enlightened social policies. Sweden has evolved an excellent system for protecting the individual citizen from highhanded or incompetent public officers. The system has worked so well, that it has been adopted in other countries too.
      新概念英語第三冊模仿翻譯 第52課:實事求是2011-05-08
      The Scandinavian countries are much admired all over the world for their enlightened social policies. Sweden has evolved an excellent system for protecting the individual citizen from highhanded or incompetent public officers. The system has worked so well, that it has been adopted in other countries too.
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