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      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 30:技術引進的方式及費用2010-06-09
      We will inform you of the weight, measurements, number of cases, cost of the drawings and other documents seven days before delivering the documents to the airplane.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 29:對引進技術的要求2010-06-08
      The technology you transfer to us should enable the venture’s products to be competitive on the international market.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 28:對索賠要求的回應2010-06-08
      We will get this matter resolved as soon as possible and hope to compensate you for your loss to your satisfaction.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 27:索賠內容及金額2010-06-07
      The goods we ordered on February 12 have arrived in a damaged condition.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 26:索賠理由及依據2010-06-07
      It was found by the inspection that there is a difference of 35 Kg between the actual landed weight and the invoiced weight.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 25:仲裁2010-06-06
      We should settle the dispute through negotiations without resorting to legal proceeding.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 24:催運貨物并告知貨物遲到結果2010-06-06
      It is now over two months since we sent in the order for Tape Recorders, yet we are still awaiting delivery. You should know that the delivery date is very important to us.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 24:催運貨物并告知貨物遲到結果2010-06-05
      It is now over two months since we sent in the order for Tape Recorders, yet we are still awaiting delivery. You should know that the delivery date is very important to us.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 23:貨運要求及答復2010-06-05
      Please effect shipment with the least possible delay upon receipt of the letter of credit in your favour established by us.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 22:貨運通知2010-06-04
      We would like to inform you that the goods were already shipped out on the 18th of May.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 21:告知客戶包裝相關事宜2010-06-04
      Our packing is strong enough to withstand bumping and rough handling under normal conditions.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 20:對包裝的建議及要求2010-06-02
      If cartons are used, please put each chemical in strong polythene bags to ensure protection from dampness.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 19:保險2010-06-02
      Please hold us covered for the cargo listed on the attached sheet.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 17:賣方對支付方式的要求2010-06-01
      Our usual terms of payment are by confirmed , irrevocable letter of credit in our favour, reaching us one month ahead of shipment.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 18:買方的支付方式2010-06-01
      Our usual terms of payment are by an irrevocable L/C to be established in the seller’s favour through the bank of China.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 16:合同2010-05-31
      We are satisfied with the terms of this contract for the most part, but we feel that your terms of payment are too severe.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 15:代理條件和要求2010-05-31
      We can’t give you exclusive agency of the whole European market without having the slightest idea of your possible annual marketing turnover.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 14:對代理請求的回應2010-05-30
      We have decided to offer you an appointed as our sole agent for New York.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 13:請求代理并說明代理理由及代理能力2010-05-30
      If you are not already represented here, we should be interested in acting as your sole agent.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 12:訂貨及確認2010-05-30
      We are please to give you a order for 3,000 computers in current stock at the prices you quoted.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 11:雙方讓步2010-05-30
      In view of our good cooperation over the past few years, we are prepare to accept your price.
      《商務英語口語900句》Unit 8:對還盤的反應2010-05-28
      Your counter offer is much too low ,especially considering the small amount of your order.