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      《英文E-mail,抄這本就夠了》提供最新、最實用的商業情境,以及最容易理解的例句,提供缺乏英文能力,卻沒有時間(或是沒有恒心)自學英文的讀者最大最有用的幫助,讓你在不景氣的時代摔破老板的眼鏡、展露最驚人的工作效率! 英文很菜又必須每天用E-mail聯系客戶的國外業務,薪水很低又沒有時間學英文提升競爭力的窮忙族,產品很懂卻不知道該如何跟外國廠商說明的老鳥業務,英語能力不差卻不了解商業E-mail信件用語的新鮮人們必看。


      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-10:答復唁電2013-11-25
      There is no greater solace than the knowledge that our friends are there and feel the same with us.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-9:吊唁親人逝世2013-11-24
      You would find comfort in the fact that you lived happily with your mother these years. She was also gratified by your filial piety and accomplishments. I hope that would ease your grief.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-8:吊唁領導人逝世2013-11-24
      He was a good leader who once led us from victory to victory. He will be long remembered by all of us. Please extend our deepest condolences to his family.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-7:吊唁同事逝世2013-11-24
      I have known Mike for many years, and we have enjoyed working together all the time. I must say he was an intelligent, kind-hearted and just man. I will miss him a great deal.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-6:訃文2013-11-24
      Chris Evans, one of the computer engineers of our company, died of a heart attack on November 5, 2008. He was born in New York and just turned sixty when he died.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-5:遭逢水災慰問2013-11-23
      I hope all of you are in safety and will have a new house in the near future. And I also hope that your life will return to normal soon. If I can be of any help, please let me know.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-4:遭逢火災慰問2013-11-23
      I am dying to know whether all of your family is all right. I hope no one's injured in it. Please accept my sympathy and do let me know if there is anything I can help you.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-3:遭逢地震慰問2013-11-22
      I was dreadfully sorry to hear of the earthquake which destroyed your beautiful house in New York.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-2:意外事故慰問2013-11-22
      I was so sorry to hear of the news that you had a car accident and was taken to the local hospital yesterday.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 15-1:生病慰問2013-11-20
      I hope that by the time this note reaches you, you will have felt a great deal better. I am sure that now it will not be long before you are entirely and completely yourself again. Everyone at the office hope you can be back soon.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-10:恭賀夢想成真2013-11-20
      I'm happy to learn that you have got the opportunity to travel abroad and I'm writing to express my hearty congratulations to you.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-9:恭賀病愈2013-11-20
      To my relief, I heard that you have been discharged from hospital yesterday. I believe it is worth a celebrating party to welcome you back.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-8:恭賀生意興隆2013-11-20
      I learned from today's newspaper that you set up your own private company, which I think resulted from many years of your hard work and experience in managing foreign trade.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-7:恭賀喬遷2013-11-19
      It's so great that you finally have your own house which has a beautiful view and thanks for telling me your new home address.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-6:恭賀新婚2013-11-19
      My wife joins me hereby in expressing our sincere congratulations and sends our best wishes for every happiness that life can bring.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-5:恭賀升遷2013-11-17
      I am very delighted to have the confirmation today of your promotion to the office of the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. It is an outstanding achievement in a very competitive field, and I should like to offer my warmest congratulations.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-4:恭賀獲獎2013-11-17
      I couldn't be happier to learn that you have got the scholarship to the Yale University and I think no one could have been more deserving than you.It's great that your dream to study abroad finally come true. Congratulations!
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-3:恭賀金榜題名2013-11-17
      I was extremely happy to hear the news of your admission to Yale University last week and I am writing to send my wholehearted congratulations to you.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-2:恭賀生日2013-11-17
      You may not like to be reminded that you are a year older today. But that is not going to prevent me from saying Happy Birthday to you! If my memory does not fail me, it is your 26th birthday today. Please accept my best wishes for this occasion. I hope that it is going to be a very happy day and that there will be many happy returns.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 14-1:恭賀添丁2013-11-16
      Please accept our wholehearted congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby boy. We are sure you'll make a wonderful father. We believe that the mother and the baby are both very healthy. We can hardly wait to see the baby.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 13-15:意外違反合同的道歉2013-11-16
      Unfortunately, owing to excessive demand last month, we were unable to fill all orders on time. However, we will compensate all your economic loss due to the unexpected violation of contract.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 13-14:金額不足的道歉2013-11-15
      I am so sorry about the insufficient remittance I made. I am afraid I neglected to include the charges for installation in the total amount.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 13-13:貨物送達錯誤的道歉2013-11-15
      Please accept our genuine apologies due to the error in delivery. We feel terribly sorry for delivering your goods to the wrong place. We have sent your goods to the correct address today.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 13-12:商品數量錯誤的道歉2013-11-13
      I am writing this letter specially to apologize to you due to the error in quantity of the shoes we sent. We have sent you the rest of the shoes you ordered today.
      英語E-mail抄這本就夠了 Unit 13-11:延遲出具收據的道歉2013-11-13
      I am very sorry for the delay in issuing the receipt for you, as you supposed, I was overwhelmed by awfully busy work then so that I forgot to issue the receipt. I have sent you the receipt of your purchase from us by express mail today. I do apologize for any inconvenience the delay may lead to you.
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