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      《智慧人生篇章》欄目包含中英字幕和音頻文件,可以幫助英語學習愛好者在品讀人生的過程中,探索生活,對周遭進行反思,從各種經歷中警醒。BBC Radio 4 的經典節目 Thought For The Day。

      智慧人生篇章 第64期:山頂的風景 山腳的挑戰2017-03-23
      Its not easy to knuckle down to the responsibilities of a working week and a wounded world after the excitements of the Olympic experience which has taken us all by surprise.
      智慧人生篇章 第63期:殘疾不等于異類2017-03-10
      Newspaper obituaries are a useful window onto history and reading accounts of the life of the late politician Alf Morris this week
      智慧人生篇章 第62期:現代奧運會的進步2017-03-10
      The original Olympic Games were far from being a meaningless tribute to ancient pagan Gods, Zeus and his many relations.
      智慧人生篇章 第61期:奧運遺產2017-02-24
      Being here in Edinburgh on the opening day of the International Book Festival feels like the perfect place to celebrate words and stories,
      智慧人生篇章 第60期:基督教的禁食運動2017-02-24
      Everyone loves a bargain, as those restaurant chains which offer you special all you can eat deals for a fixed price know all too well.
      智慧人生篇章 第59期:通往死亡的道路上我們拒絕孤單2017-02-13
      Two US companies announced earlier this week that they have shelved the testing of a particular drug.
      智慧人生篇章 第58期:殘疾人的照料2016-12-02
      The sight of a grown woman lying on the floor,一個成年女子躺在地板上
      智慧人生篇章 第57期:岌岌可危的銀行業2016-11-25
      There was just a hint in Stephen Hesters interview on this programme yesterday that the banking sector has finally run out of fig leaves.
      智慧人生篇章 第56期:世界的奧運2016-11-21
      When Im sitting in the Multi-faith Centre at the Athletes Village I can look around at the diverse representation of humanity I am with.
      智慧人生篇章 第55期:讓慈善與愛匯成海2016-11-16
      The spirit of the late Sir Jimmy Savile was alive and well in the Savile Hall in Leeds two days ago when personal items were sold to benefit his favourite charities.
      智慧人生篇章 第54期:市場經濟中的價值觀2016-11-06
      The government and the Labour Party disagreed yesterday about what sort of enquiry there should be into the Libor scandal, but they both agreed therere needs to be such an enquiry.
      智慧人生篇章 第53期:用愛筑起一個家2016-11-06
      A former cabinet minister once infamously described the homeless as the people you step over when youre coming out of the opera.
      智慧人生篇章 第52期:從民族榮譽看奧運2016-10-29
      Two weeks ago while at a soccer match in Houston, the woman beside me said she was in London last year and the Olympics will be a mess, or at least that was a polite paraphrase.
      智慧人生篇章 第51期:老年人的照料2016-10-29
      J. K. Galbraith once said, Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists of choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
      智慧人生篇章 第50期:奧運拉近你我2016-10-15
      On the train yesterday I sat next to a family with some very excited children who were off on holiday.
      智慧人生篇章 第49期:愛在悲劇之后(02)2016-10-11
      You can become more fearful and protective of your lifestyle and your loved ones or you come to terms with the fact that open and tolerant societies will always come with their own risks.
      智慧人生篇章 第48期:愛在悲劇之后(01)2016-10-03
      Over the last few days we have seen and been reminded of two massacres.過去的這幾天里發生的一幕幕令我們想起了兩次大屠殺.
      智慧人生篇章 第47期:奧運通道 通往特權之路?(02)2016-09-25
      The British propensity for non-deference militates against special treatment to anyone, unless of course youre the official underdog.
      智慧人生篇章 第46期:奧運通道 通往特權之路?(01)2016-09-18
      The London Olympics has given us new vocabulary: ORNs and PRNs.倫敦奧運會為我們創造出了新單詞:奧運會公路網和殘奧會公路網.
      智慧人生篇章 第45期:女性vs.暴力2016-09-11
      I was attending a workshop on women and violence.我曾經參加了一個有關女性和暴力的研討會.
      智慧人生篇章 第44期:左手利益,右手道德2016-09-04
      It was Bob Diamond, recently of Barclays, who defined business culture as how people behave when no one is watching.
      智慧人生篇章 第43期:責任心2016-09-04
      One of the features in common between the phone hacking scandal, the various banking scams and the latest row, over the failure of G4S
      智慧人生篇章 第42期:當齋月撞上奧運會2016-08-21
      It is said that faith is both a gift and a task. 人們說信仰既是饋贈也是任務.
      智慧人生篇章 第41期:你在褻瀆神靈嗎?2016-08-16
      As a boy Id have been in dead trouble if Id ever used the name of Jesus as a swear word at home.作為一個男孩,如果我要是用耶穌的名字來罵臟話的話,我會陷入很大的麻煩中.
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