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      不用背句型學英語Lesson 22:Illness生病2012-05-08
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 22:Illness生病 本音頻暫無文本
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 21:LOVE2012-05-08
      7、Love is wonderful.8、He proposed to me.9、We will get married soom.10、We have some quality time.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 20:Making friend2012-05-07
      I happened to meet her.I had a blind date.We connect by e-mail.How excited I am!What a pity!It didnt work out.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 19:Sports運動2012-05-07
      practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。I shoot very well. 我投籃技術很好。I had a race. 我有一場比賽。I came in second. 我得了第二名。People herald me. 人們向我歡呼。
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 18:Outdoor Activities2012-05-05
      I sweat all the time. 我一直流汗。I got sunstroke. 我中暑了。It rained harder and harder. 雨越下越大。The ground was wet. 地上都濕濕的。I got soaking wet. 我全身濕透了。
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 15:Accident突發狀況2012-05-05
      The fire rang the bell.I called for help.I fled in time.They were taken by ambulance.The victims flipped out.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 17:Festivals節日2012-05-04
      I got a red envelope.We worship gods with fruits.We played riddles.I ate a mooncake.I floated lanterns on water.The lantern floated far away.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 13:Entertainment娛樂2012-05-04
      I like to sing.We couldnt hold the voice down.We dance crazily.I traveled abroad.I took many pictures.I spent a lot of money traveling.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 14:Hobbies嗜好2012-05-03
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 14:Hobbies嗜好 本音頻暫無文本
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 12:shopping購物2012-05-03
      I haggled with the sales woman.I bought a suit.Its a steal.Thats brand new.Its the fashion trend.I paid in cash.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 16:Natural Disasters自然災害2012-05-01
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 16:Natural Disasters自然災害 本音頻暫無文本
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 10:The whole image整體印象2012-05-01
      She is slim.She is bony.She is tall.She is short.She is beautiful.She is ugly.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 11:Uesful Sentences2012-04-29
      I should change jobs.I have a conference.The conference starts at 9am.Im pressed for time.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 9:Appearances容貌2012-04-29
      He has a round face.He has an oval face.He has a triangular face.He has a square face.He has curly hair.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 8:Food and Drink飲食2012-04-28
      I bought some packs of cigarettes.I bought some soft sweets.I bought some dry doufu.I bought some vegetables.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 7:Amusement Places 游樂場所2012-04-28
      1.I went to an amusement park. 我去游樂場。2.I went to a zoo. 我去動物園。3.I went to a video arcade. 我去電動玩具店。
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 6:Transportation交通工具2012-04-27
      I got there by sightseeing bus.我搭觀光巴士去那兒。
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 5:Wedding Anniversary結婚周年2012-04-27
      It's a fifth wedding anniversary今天是我們的結婚5周年紀念日
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 4:Snacks小吃2012-04-26
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 3:Love Talk情侶2012-04-26
      Todays Voluntines Day.We have to talk about it.You are my angel.You are my bodyguard.
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 2:Thankfulness Blessings致謝祝福2012-04-25
      Thanks a lot.多謝。Thanks.謝謝。I wish you happyness.希望你快樂!
      不用背句型學英語Lesson 1:Time時間2012-04-25
      Meet him this morning.早上與他見面.See you the day after tomorrow.后天見.See you tomorrow.明天見.