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      美國英語是在美國使用的一種英語形式。它在美國是最主要的語言。根據1990年人口普查,97%的美國居民可以“好”或“很好”的使用英語,只有0.8%的人完全不使用英語,而1890年有3.6%。到2005年,三分之二以上的英語母語者使用美式英語。 美國英語規范了第一代英國英語(British English) ,是現代英語發展史上第二代英語(American English),美國英語和英國英語為第三代國際英語(World English)的產生奠定了基礎。

      《格林希爾J博士美語課堂PART 1》聽力音頻打包下載(文本+視頻)2019-06-15
      《格林希爾J博士美語課堂PART 2》聽力音頻打包下載(文本+視頻)2019-06-15
      《格林希爾J博士美語課堂PART 3》聽力音頻打包下載(文本+視頻)2019-06-15
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      《格林希爾J博士美語課堂PART 6》聽力音頻打包下載(文本+視頻)2019-06-15
      Conversation A : On a Farm? MARTIN: I like your farm, Walter.? WALTER: Thanks. I like the farm, too. I lived in town for seven years.?MARTIN: But you liked the farm?? WALTER: Yes.
      LISA: Here are the children now.? ERIC: This is Max. And this is Meg.? MARTIN: Hi, Max. Hi, Meg.? MAX: Hi.? MEG: Hi.? MARTIN: Im Martin. How old are you, Max?? MAX: Im fifteen.? MARTIN: Are you in high school??
      Conversation C: At the New Airport? MRS GABRIELLI: Good afternoon, Mr Learner.? MARTIN: Hello. How are you? MRS GABRIELLI: Fine, thanks. How are you? MARTIN: Fine, thanks. Mr Bishop, please.?
      Conversation A : At a New Shopping Mall? KATHY: Good morning, Jeff.? JEFF: Good morning, Kathy. How are you this morning?? KATHY: Fine, thanks. How are you?? JEFF: Fine, thanks.? KATHY: Whats that?? JEFF: Its the plan.?
      Conversation A : In a Small Town MARTIN: Good afternoon. Im Martin Learner.? ASSISTANT: Good afternoon, Mr. Learner. Im Mayor Walkers assistant. The Mayor is expecting you.
      Conversation A : At a Beach? SUE: Daddy, when are you going to come in the water?? MARTIN: Not now. Maybe later. SUE: May I go in the water?? MARTIN: Where is Alan?
      NANCY: I live here, too. He lives in Chicago. And he lives in Baltimore.?PAULA: Lets see. Youre Alexander. Youre Nancy. And youre Martin.?MARTIN: Wonderful.?
      Conversation A: At a Reception MARTIN: Hello, Im Martin Learner.? DEBBIE: Im Debbie Johnson.? MARTIN: Pardon? DEBBIE: Im Debbie Johnson. This is Mr OBrien.?
      Conversation A: In a Western Clothing Store MARTIN: Hello, Im Martin Learner. I phoned this morning. I want to speak to the manager.? MANAGER: Good afternoon. Im the manager.
      Conversation B? MELANIE: This is Betsy Steele.? MARTIN: Hello, Im Martin Learner. What do you do? BETSY: Im a welder. What do you do? MARTIN: Im a reporter.
      Conversation A On an Outing? MELANIE: Martin! Good morning. How are you? MARTIN: Hello. Im fine thanks. How are you? MELANIE: Fine, thanks.
      Conversation B? MRS WEAVER: This is Mr. Gary Durant.? MARTIN: Hello. How are you?? GARY: Fine, thanks.? MRS WEAVER: Mr. Durant is the assistant principal. Mr. Learner, would you like some coffee?? MARTIN: Yes, please. Excuse me, Mr. Durant.?
      Conversation B? JEFF: Here is the new building.? MARTIN: Whats that?? JEFF: Its the sports club.? MARTIN: Who are they?? JEFF: Theyre painters. Theyre painting the sports club.
      Conversation B ? ATTENDANT: What are you going to eat?? KARL: Nothing.? ATTENDANT: Would you like more coffee?? KARL: Yes, please.? ATTENDANT: What are you going to eat??
      Conversation A : I Have a Map? MARTIN: Excuse me. Where is Martin Luther King School?? MAN: What?? MARTIN: Where is Martin?? MAN: Wait a minute. Let me turn off my engine.
      Conversation A Visiting a Tractor Factory? MELANIE: Good morning, Mr Learner. Weve met. Im Melanie Montgomery.? MARTIN: Good morning, Mrs Montgomery. How are you?
      Conversation B : In the Classroom? HAL: Here we are. Come in.? MARTIN: Hi. Im Martin Learner.? ROBERTA: Hi.? MARTIN: Who are you?? ROBERTA: Roberta. Whats that?
      Conversation B ? DETECTIVE: OK. Mr. Learner. Where are you from?? MARTIN: Im from Baltimore, Maryland. Im a reporter. I write stories for radio. DETECTIVE: Where are you going?? MARTIN: Im going to Baltimore. Im going home.
      Conversation A : On the Plane ? ATTENDANT: Please fasten your seat belt. May I take those for you??MARTIN: Yes, please. Thanks.? ATTENDANT: Youre welcome.