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      聽動感英語學口語 第84講2011-02-23
      I have to be somewhere at 8pm,so I'd better keep track of the time.
      聽動感英語學口語 第83講2011-02-22
      Could you give me a hand and pass me the scissors? I can't reach them myself.
      聽動感英語學口語 第81講2011-02-22
      Jennifer's coming over for dinner. Okey Dokey! I'll make extra.
      聽動感英語學口語 第82講2011-02-22
      My father thinks I'm pissing my life away because I'm in a rock band.
      聽動感英語學口語 第80講2011-02-21
      You threw me a surprise party? You're such a sneak.
      聽動感英語學口語 第79講2011-02-21
      The boss asked us if we could finish the report by 5pm I told him we we're on it .
      聽動感英語學口語 第78講2011-02-21
      You can't get mad at the dog for ruining your shoes,it doesn't know any better.
      聽動感英語學口語 第77講2011-02-20
      If you think you can da the job.Be my guest and give it a try.
      聽動感英語學口語 第75講2011-02-20
      Why don't you do the honors and open the bottle of champagne for us all?
      聽動感英語學口語 第76講2011-02-20
      You could do so much with your lift. So don’t quit school and throw it all away.
      聽動感英語學口語 第72講2011-02-19
      He’s a natural sportsman .He never trains but still does very well .
      聽動感英語學口語 第73講2011-02-19
      I don't have time to eat at a restaurant,so I'll order some food to go.
      聽動感英語學口語 第74講2011-02-19
      I have 3 exams and an interview tomorrow,I really need a way out of this mess.
      聽動感英語學口語 第71講2011-02-18
      The guilty criminal got a lifer,he was sentenced to forty years in prison.
      聽動感英語學口語 第70講2011-02-18
      He wished that it hadn't been a one night stand because he had lefe his bag at her house and wanted to get it back.
      聽動感英語學口語 第69講2011-02-18
      It was a power trip for Tim when all his classmate began asking him for help with their work.
      聽動感英語學口語 第67講2011-02-17
      The doctor told me to take it easy and get lots of rest.
      聽動感英語學口語 第68講2011-02-17
      After 3 divorces she started to believe the marriage was jinxed.
      聽動感英語學口語 第66講2011-02-17
      I thanked my parents a bunch after they gave me a present for my birthday.
      聽動感英語學口語 第65講2011-02-16
      At first I didn't want to finish the book because it was so long.But I hung in there and read it to the end.開始我覺得這本書太長了不想讀完,后來還是堅持到最后了。
      聽動感英語學口語 第64講2011-02-16
      when I tell people that I want to be a billionaire,they just tell me to get real.當我告訴人們我想成為百萬富翁時,他們只告訴我現實點吧。
      聽動感英語學口語 第63講2011-02-16
      If the waitress doesn't take our order, we're rolling.如果服務員再不上菜,我們就走.
      聽動感英語學口語 第61講2011-02-15
      I asked my tennis partner to hold up so I could tie my shoelace.我讓我的網球搭檔慢一點,等我系下我的鞋帶。
      聽動感英語學口語 第62講2011-02-15
      Our boss told us to look sharp when the president comes for a visit .我們老板告訴我們要精神些,因為總裁要來看我們。
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