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      走遍加拿大 Lesson 25:TRAVEL BY TRAIN[2]2018-07-26
      Rumei: Bina, come and join us.如梅:比娜,跟我們一起來吧.Bina: Thanks. Hi, everyone.比娜:謝謝,大家好.Rumei: Bina, you haven't met our friend Dashan yet.如梅:比娜,你還沒有見到過我們的朋友大山呢
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 24:TRAVEL BY TRAIN[1]2018-07-25
      Rumei: Yunbo, hurry up. Come on or we'll miss the train.如梅:云波,快點.抓緊點不然我們會誤火車的. Yunbo: Relax, Rumei. We're okay. We're early.云波:別著急,如梅.我們沒問題,時間還早呢.Dashan
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 23:GOING TO AN ART GALLERY[2]2018-07-24
      Dashan: Oh, look. We've just passed a totem pole. The Native art collection can't be far away.大山:嘿,看,我們剛經過了一個圖騰柱.土著藝術品的展覽一定不會太遠了.Yunbo: Native art is very popular
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 22:GOING TO AN ART GALLERY[1]2018-07-23
      LESSON 12 GOING TO AN ART GALLERY Dashan: Did you know that this city has one of the most famous collections of Canadian art in Canada? 大山:你們知道嗎? 這座城市擁有加拿大最有名的藝術收藏品. Yunbo:
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 21:GOING FOR A DRIVE IN THE&nbsp2018-07-22
      LESSON 11--2 GOING FOR A DRIVE IN THE COUNTRY Rumei: This outing was a good idea. I've really enjoyed spending some time in the country.如梅:出來郊游真是個好主意.在鄉下轉轉我感到很開心.Dashan: Ye
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 20:GOING FOR A DRIVE IN THE&nbsp2018-07-21
      LESSON 11 GOING FOR A DRIVE IN THE COUNTRY Yunbo: Hello!云波:喂.Dashan: Hi, Yunbo. Have you looked outside yet? 大山:云波,你好.你朝窗外看過嗎? Yunbo: No, I haven't. Not yet. I'm just getting up
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 19:SEEING A HOCKEY GAME[2]2018-07-20
      LESSON 10--2 SEEING A HOCKEY GAME Yunbo: Christopher, what an excellent game! You're a terrific hockey player.云波:克里斯托弗, 這場冰球打得真精彩,你的球藝真棒.Glen: Yes, son. Congratulations. You
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 18:SEEING A HOCKEY GAME[1]2018-07-19
      LESSON 10 SEEING A HOCKEY GAME Glen: Christopher, please hurry up or we won't get to the arena on time. Come on. We have to pick up Dashan and Yunbo on the way.格倫:克里斯托弗, 請你抓緊時間,不然我
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 17:VISITING A CANADIAN FAMILY[2]2018-07-18
      LESSON 9 VISITING A CANADIAN FAMILY Dashan: Kathy, let us clear the table for you.大山:讓我們來替你收拾桌子吧.Kathy: Oh, thanks.凱西:啊,謝謝你們.Christopher: Mom, I'm going to watch TV in the f
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 16:VISITING A CANADIAN FAMILY[1]2018-07-17
      LESSON 9 VISITING A CANADIAN FAMILY Dashan: Hi. Glen. It's Dashan. Thanks again for yesterday. We really enjoyed visiting your office and learning more about your company.大山:格倫,你好. 我是大山
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 15:VISITING A SOFTWARE COMPANY[2]2018-07-16
      LESSON 8 VISITING A SOFTWARE COMPANY Dashan: Hello, I have an appointment with Mr Parker. My name is Dashan.大山:你好,我約好要見帕克先生,我叫大山.Receptionist: Mr Parker. Mr Dashan is here.接待員
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 14:VISITING A SOFTWARE COMPANY[1]2018-07-15
      LESSON 8 VISITING A SOFTWARE COMPANY Receptionist: Good morning, Capital Electronics.接線員:您好.這里是首都電子公司.Dashan: Hello, I'd like to speak to Glen Parker, please.大山:你好,我找格倫·帕
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 13:GOING TO A DEPARTMENT STORE[2]2018-07-14
      LESSON 7 GOING TO A DEPARTMENT STORE Dashan: Wait. I don't have my scarf!大山:等等,我的圍巾不見了.Rumei: Oh, no.如梅:哎呀,糟糕.Yunbo: Did you have your scarf at Roots? 云波:在根商場的時候你
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 12:GOING TO A DEPARTMENT STORE[1]2018-07-13
      LESSON 7 GOING TO A DEPARTMENT STORE Rumei: Dashan, I'm over here. It's great to see you. How do you feel? 如梅:大山,我在這邊.見到你我真高興.你感覺怎么樣? Dashan: I feel fine now. The doctor wa
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 11:GO TO A CLINIC[2]2018-07-12
      LESSON 6 GO TO A CLINIC Receptionist: Sir, please follow me to Examination Room Number Three.接待員:請跟我到第三檢查室.Doctor: Good morning, I'm Doctor Landry. What can I do for you today? 醫生:上
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 10:GO TO A CLINIC[1]2018-07-11
      LESSON 6 GO TO A CLINIC Rumei: Hi, Dashan. It's Rumei.如梅:大山,你好. 我是如梅. Dashan: Oh, hi, Rumei.大山:噢,如梅,是你.你好.Rumei: Yunbo and I want to eat breakfast at that pancake restaur
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 9:ON A PLANE[2]2018-07-10
      LESSON 5--2 ON A PLANE Rumei: Dashan, that's a nice sweater. I like the colour.如梅:大山,你的毛衣很好看.我喜歡它的顏色.Dashan: Thanks. It was a birthday present from my sister Monica.大山:謝謝.
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 8:ON A PLANE[1]2018-07-09
      LESSON 5 ON A PLANE Good morning. This is Captain Marconi speaking. Welcome to Flight 333 to Winnipeg International Airport. Our flying time to Winnipeg is 45 minutes. For take-off, all passengers mu
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 7:AT A RESTAURANT[2]2018-07-08
      LESSON 4--2 AT A RESTAURANT Rumei: Everything on the menu looks good.如梅:菜單上的菜看著樣樣都好. Yunbo: Dashan, what's surf and turf? 云波:大山,Surf and Turf 這道菜是什么做的? Dashan: It's a sm
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 6:AT A RESTAURANT[1]2018-07-07
      LESSON 4 AT A RESTAURANT Dashan:Oh, look. It's seven o'clock. I'm hungry.大山:哎呀,瞧,都7點了.我餓了.Yunbo: I'm hungry, too. Let's go out for dinner.云波:我也餓了.我們出去吃飯吧.Rumei:
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 5:SHOPPING[2]2018-07-06
      LESSON 3--2 SHOPPING Dashan: Excuse me. Where can we find the souvenir store? 大山:請問,禮品店在哪里? Clerk: Well, Canadian Gifts is on the lower level. It's across from Prime Time Video Rentals.服
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 4:SHOPPING[1]2018-07-05
      LESSON 3 SHOPPING Rumei: This shopping centre is great. It's sunny and very large.如梅:這家購物中心可真大呀!這里陽光明媚,地方寬敞.Dashan: The West Edmonton Mall is the largest shopping centre in
      走遍加拿大 Lesson 3:STAYING AT A HOTEL2018-07-04
      LESSON 2 STAYING AT A HOTEL Dashan: Look at this. A ski trip to Whistler. Whistler is a famous ski resort.大山:看這張海報,去惠斯勒滑雪旅游,惠斯勒可是個有名的滑雪勝地.Rumei: Dashan, can you ski? 如