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      中式口語糾錯:87 Points2013-02-18
      He got an 87 in chemistry.
      中式口語糾錯:A public servant2013-02-18
      I work for the government.
      中式口語糾錯:A popular name2013-02-17
      Xiao Wang is a common name in China.
      She is naive.
      中式口語糾錯:A question to you2013-02-16
      I have a question to ask you.
      中式口語糾錯:Red tea2013-02-16
      I like black tea.
      中式口語糾錯:Deserve to be read2013-02-15
      This book deserves to be read several times.
      中式口語糾錯:History repeats2013-02-15
      History repeats itself.
      中式口語糾錯:Go to bed early and get up early2013-02-14
      I make a rule to keep early hours.
      中式口語糾錯:The door was shut2013-02-14
      The door was closed when I returned home.
      中式口語糾錯:Sea and beach2013-02-13
      I want to go to the beach.
      中式口語糾錯:On that sofa2013-02-13
      Shall we sit on that sofa ?
      中式口語糾錯:This steak is tender2013-02-12
      This steak is tender.
      中式口語糾錯:Sell well2013-02-12
      His new book will sell well.
      中式口語糾錯:Sitting on2013-02-11
      There’re a lot of sparrows sitting on the telephone lines.
      中式口語糾錯:He hit me hard2013-02-11
      He hit me hard.
      中式口語糾錯:My pay is not enough2013-02-10
      My pay is not enough to live on.
      中式口語糾錯:Establish a happy home2013-02-10
      He wants to establish a happy home.
      中式口語糾錯:Get a driving license2013-02-09
      Why don’t you get a driving license?
      中式口語糾錯:I liked it very much2013-02-09
      Last year I went to Seattle. I liked it very much.
      中式口語糾錯:To drink thick tea2013-02-08
      My mother likes her tea strong.
      中式口語糾錯:I think it will not rain2013-02-08
      I don’t think it will rain tomorrow.
      中式口語糾錯:This kind2013-02-07
      Is your camera like this ?
      中式口語糾錯:Be struck by lightning2013-02-07
      His house was struck by lightning last night.
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