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      口譯式口語訓練 第1期:北京生活的一天(1)2012-02-06
      I wake up around 7:30 Tuesday through Friday. It is too cold to have a shower so I simply brush my teeth, put on my heavy coat, and then out into the cold I venture.
      口譯式口語訓練 第2期:北京生活的一天(2)2012-02-06
      When I make it to the subway station at Chaoyangmen I feel relieved as I take off my hat and begin to thaw out from the deep chill that is Beijing during winter.
      口譯式口語訓練 第3期:北京生活的一天(3)2012-02-04
      Another ten-minute walk and I arrive at the gates of the purple, pink, orange, yellow, red, and green building. The always grinning, always joking black-toothed gatekeeper is always sleeping in his small cubby. I softly say,Shifu, zao shang hao. He opens one eye and says, Lai le! He then greets me with his thick Dongbei accent, Zao!
      口譯式口語訓練 第3期:北京生活的一天(4)2012-02-04
      I teach a total of four classes. The ages range from two year olds to six. Each class is similar except for the youngest which is basically just playtime.
      口譯式口語訓練 第5期:北京生活的一天(5)2012-02-03
      口譯式口語訓練 第6期:北京生活的一天(6)2012-02-03
      Most of the education centers on lessons from the book Hello Teddy. It is an English teaching series written by a company I work with. I take the flash cards for each lesson and use these to teach the kids.
      口譯式口語訓練 第7期:北京生活的一天(7)2012-02-02
      Every class is different since every child is different. Some kids are very gregarious and love to play with each other; while, some kids are shy and don't ever speak at all - neither in Chinese nor English. Some classes have really clever children so they can learn a whole month's worth of material in a week. This allows for lots of games and playing since they learn so fast. Other classes take much more time for the kids to absorb the material. We still play lots of games though.
      口譯式口語訓練 第8期:北京生活的一天(8)2012-02-02
      Not only do I like to teach and play with the cute little kids but I also enjoy meeting and getting to know all the pretty teachers. They always want me to stay and talk with them after I finish with the kids. They ask me questions about America or western holidays and such. I always oblige them since I am a people-person and also because I enjoy speaking Chinese.
      口譯式口語訓練 第10期:關于幽默(1)2012-02-01
      Whether you're working a cocktail party or a comedy club, certain tactics will ensure that your stabs at humor aren't met with blank stares. First, you must have complete confidence in the joke you're telling. It will come across in your delivery, and even if the material's subpar, people will laugh. Or at the very least, smile and nod.
      口譯式口語訓練 第9期:北京生活的一天(9)2012-02-01
      Teaching kindergarten is a wonderful way to make a living in Beijing. The pay is more than most professionals my age earn working in an office and I work less than 20 hours a week! However, it takes a special disposition to be able to get up early every morning and play with toddlers.
      口譯式口語訓練 第12期:窗臺上的燭光(1)2012-01-29
      It was the first night of Chanukah and the night before Ellie's last final. As a freshman she was more than ready to go home for the first time since August. She'd packed every thing she needed to take home except the books she was cramming with and her menorah, the 8 branch candelabra that's lit every night of Chanukah
      口譯式口語訓練 第11期:關于幽默(2)2012-01-29
      Always run the setup and the punch line through your head before you dive in to avoid the awkward, Hold on, that's not it.
      口譯式口語訓練 第14期:心愛的女孩(1)2012-01-28
      How do you break the touch barrier with a girl you like? It's difficult to know when to reach out, and when you're going too far. Some girls won't warn you that you're getting too close, and you might discover—the hard way—that you've accidentally crossed the line and made her feel uncomfortable.
      口譯式口語訓練 第13期:窗臺上的燭光(2)2012-01-28
      Ellie's first winter break was uneventful, and when she returned to her dorm on the day before classes started she was surprised to find a small note taped to her door.
      口譯式口語訓練 第15期:心愛的女孩(2)2012-01-27
      This is a good way to break the touch barrier while making her feel comfortable and appreciated at the same time, especially early on when you're just getting to know each other.
      口譯式口語訓練 第16期:心愛的女孩(3)2012-01-27
      Hold out your elbow as an invitation for her to hook her arm around yours, especially if you're about to walk together. This is a classically romantic way to walk as a couple without being too touchy-feely.
      口譯式口語訓練 第17期:心愛的女孩(4)2012-01-26
      If you're both about to leave and she needs to put on a jacket or coat, hold it out for her like a gentleman so that she can slip her arms into the sleeves. Bring the jacket gently up to her shoulders.
      口譯式口語訓練 第18期:心愛的女孩(5)2012-01-26
      Lead the way if you're about to go through a crowd. Hold out your hand so you can walk through the crowd without losing each other. This not only shows that you care about her, but it also shows that you can take the lead. Once you're out of the crowd, you can continue holding her hand (if she seems to want to).
      口譯式口語訓練 第20期:最有風度的辭職方式(1)2012-01-24
      口譯式口語訓練 第19期:心愛的女孩(6)2012-01-24