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      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 12012-07-18
      He placed his right hand on the Bible as he spoke the oath of office.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 22012-07-18
      The town has recently purchased some new fire-fighting apparatus.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 32012-07-17
      I always feel she has a grudge against me, although I don’t know what wrong I have done to her.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 42012-07-17
      You must calculate all the advantages and disadvantages before coming to a discussion.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 52012-07-16
      During the 1800’s many thousands of people from Europe immigrated into the United States to make a new home.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 62012-07-16
      Many people walked down the avenue through the center of the park.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 72012-07-15
      The police contemplated various kinds of trouble after the football match between the two universities.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 82012-07-15
      The meeting was at nine o’clock, which was an awkward time for many people.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 92012-07-14
      A vertical take-off aircraft can rise straight from the ground, without running along for some distance.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 102012-07-14
      All the girls in our school adore the handsome mathematics teacher who happens to be a bachelor.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 112012-07-13
      She felt she was no longer mistress in her own house when her husband’s mother came to stay.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 122012-07-13
      Thick , woolen clothes would not be appropriate for a hot summer day. You should not appropriate other people’s belongings without their permission.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 132012-07-12
      The government is appealing to everyone to save water. The music is too old-fashioned to appeal to people any longer.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 142012-07-12
      The boys made a bargain with one another to exchange baseball gloves. These good shoes are a real bargain at such a low price.
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 152012-07-11
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 15,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 162012-07-11
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 16,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 172012-07-10
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 17,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 182012-07-10
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 18,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 192012-07-09
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 19,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 202012-07-09
      劉毅詞匯 5000 lesson 20,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!