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      STEVE: What do you want to do tomorrow night? KAREN: What--is tomorrow night something special? STEVE: Its Friday. We should go party. KAREN: I dont need to drink every weekend.I could be happy just staying home, you know.
      CONRAD: Im glad we came here. This is really delicious! LORI: I was worried you would think it was too far to drive. CONRAD: Well, its true Ive never driven two hours just to get lunch.But really, I think its worth it.
      DORIS: Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get started using these machines? JOHNSON: Of course. Are you a new member here? DORIS: Yes. JOHNSON: Welcome. My name is Johnson.
      ELIZA: I heard you were teaching English over there.Tell me about it. Did you like it? SUE: Oh, yes, it was very interesting. ELIZA: What were the schools like? SUE: Oh, I didnt actually teach in the schools.I taught after school. I taught in English institutes.
      STEVE: How did you get around over there? Did you rent cars? ALLEN: No, that would be too expensive. We used the train system.We bought a special pass called a Eurail pass. It lets people use the train wherever they want, as often as they want.
      JAKE: We have to pick up Conrad before the party. CHARLIE: Alright, no problem. JAKE: Were supposed to meet him at Cals Bar at 10:00,but he said he might be a little late. So maybe well have a drink there.
      CORINNE: Wow! Its 8:45. If we want to buy some beer, we should go now. ALEX: Why? The party doesnt start until 10:30. CORINNE: Yes. But the liquor stores stop selling alcohol at 9:00. ALEX: Really? All the liquor stores?
      NATASHA: I need to tell you. He proposed to me. ERIC: Youre kidding. Really? What are you going to do? NATASHA: I dont know. Im going crazy. Its really too fast.I told him I couldnt decide yet.
      DORIS: Oh, my God! I cant believe how they fly through the air! KEN: Isnt it wild? DORIS: I think it looks too dangerous. People must get killed all the time.
      TODD: So, are you going to come for brunch with us tomorrow? REBECCA: What time? TODD: 11:00. Well meet at the restaurant at eleven. REBECCA: Im sorry. I wont be able to come then.
      BRIAN: What are those? BILL: Those are campaign placards for John Black. BRIAN: Who is John Black? BILL: Theres an election coming up soon.Im voting for John Black for the U.S. Senate. Im going to put the placards out in my yard.
      MELISSA: So, do university students in Taiwan dress like the students you see here? SOPHIE: Yes, its similar. But Im still surprised. MELISSA: Why? SOPHIE: Its even more casual here. In Taiwan, clothes styles used to be more formal.But now people are dressing more like Americans, more sloppy.
      JASON: Its 6:00. Lets go get something to eat. MIMI: Alright. JASON: What would you like? MIMI: I dont really care. Whatever you want. JASON: Well, what do you feel like?
      EMILY: I want to ask you about something. ANNA: Yes? EMILY: My colleagues at work say I should get health insurance. What do you think? ANNA: I think its important. I can give you my insurance agents card if you want.
      DARREN: So, you have three days off. What are you going to do? SCOTT: I dont know. Probably Im just going to hang around here and relax. DARREN: Watch MTV, huh? SCOTT: Not just MTV. I will probably rent some movies with Sylvia.Well order some pizzas. Just relax.
      DORIS: I liked meeting your boyfriend at the party. I think he seems like a good guy. JUDY: Im glad you like him. Steve and I get along well. DORIS: Hes very funny. JUDY: Sometimes I think hes too funny. Hes like a clown.