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      辦公室口語 第77講:Calling in sick2010-03-21
      No, that’s no problem. I’m sorryto hear you’re not feeling well. Get some rest. If you need to see a doctor, let me know.
      辦公室口語 第76講:Inquiring about progress2010-03-21
      Yeah.They were just sent over to your office. You should have them in about half an hour.
      辦公室口語 第75講:Getting a ride after work2010-03-20
      Yeah, it’s me. Can you give me a lift after work?
      辦公室口語 第74講:Lunch invitation2010-03-20
      Oh, I was just thinking about getting a bite to eat. Have you had lunch yet?
      辦公室口語 第73講:Wrong department2010-03-18
      I’m sorry. You’ve reached Mr. Macmillan’s office.Let me just put you through to accounting.
      辦公室口語 第72講:Calling for a day off請假2010-03-18
      Let me take a look. Just a second. That’s no problem, Susan. See you on Wednesday
      辦公室口語 第71講:Bad file organization2010-03-17
      Christine, I know you’re new here and there’s a lot to learn, but you are going to have to learn to keep your work in better order. We can’t afford to lose an important document.
      辦公室口語 第70講:Unveiling a disagreement2010-03-17
      John? I have to ay I was bothered by the way you handled the meeting today.
      辦公室口語 第68講:不同意見2010-03-16
      I know, Blake. But you’ve been avoiding me all morning, and we have got to talk about this deal with the Mc Kinsey Food Company.
      辦公室口語 第69講:Angry over a change in plans2010-03-16
      You know I wasn’t at the meeting. I was meeting with Mr. Wei about this account. I’ve been on this for a month and a half.
      辦公室口語 第67講:Problems with taking credit2010-03-15
      I’d like to know why you’re always taking credit for work we’ve done together like that line in the new Ice Cream ad?
      辦公室口語 第66講:Taking too long of a break2010-03-15
      I’m afraid there is, Greg. I don’t mind you taking a break.But you’ve been away from your desk for twenty-five minutes already.
      辦公室口語 第65講:Requesting boss’ criticism2010-03-12
      Mr. Farmington? Would you take a look at these catalogue ads that Roger did? I don’t think we can use them.
      辦公室口語 第64講:Disagreeing on a project2010-03-12
      Mr. Crandall, I’m sorry, but I really don’t see the value in doing this entire project over from scratch. It would take a lot of work.
      辦公室口語 第63講:Advice on client relations2010-03-11
      Carla, I know you’re kind of new in this business and I want to give you some advice.
      辦公室口語 第62講:A delayed lunch order2010-03-11
      Thank you, Mr. Morris. Please wait one moment and let me check on the order. Would you like anything to drink, sir? On the house.
      辦公室口語 第61講:Clarifying some tasks2010-03-10
      I’m not sure what you expect me to do, Michelle. You’ve not been very clear about any of this.
      辦公室口語 第60講:Discordance about a secretary2010-03-10
      I need to talk to you about that new secretary you’ve hired. I think I’m going to have some problems working with her.
      辦公室口語 第59講:Solving a problem with bonuses2010-03-09
      Well, to be honest, I just don’t think we’re going to have enough funds to give the kind of bonuses you have in mind.
      辦公室口語 第58講:An interview problem2010-03-08
      A: Well, I really just have two problems with this.B: Yes, sir? A:I’m concerned about your lack of marketing experience and, frankly, your age, you’re pretty new at all this.
      辦公室口語 第57講:Criticizing a smoker2010-03-08
      That’s what you said the last time!If you want to smoke, you’ll have to use your break time and go outside!
      辦公室口語 第56講:Criticizing a lack of effort2010-03-08
      Allan, I am really disappointed by your lack of effort on this project.
      辦公室口語 第55講:Criticizing an employee2010-03-07
      Janet? You still have not given me those files I’ve asked you for.
      辦公室口語 第54講:A persistent saleswoman2010-03-07
      I understand you’re a busy man, Mr. Black. I just wanted to show you these samples.
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