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      零基礎學英語口語[01]:Turning over a new leaf2010-02-06
      Angela: Wow. Look how polite your son has become. Andy: Yes. We had a big talk with him, and he has really turned over a new leaf.
      零基礎學英語口語[02]:Start from scratch2010-02-06
      Angela: This cake is excellent. Where did you buy it? Andy: Actually, my mother made it from scratch.
      零基礎學英語口語[03]:Better late than never2010-02-05
      Angela: Sorry I was late for the meeting today. I got stuck in traffic. Andy: That's okay. Better late than never.
      零基礎學英語口語[04]:The early bird catches the worm2010-02-05
      Angela: My brother started investing money when he was 16 years old. Andy: The early bird catches the worm.
      零基礎學英語口語[05]:The straw that broke the camel's back2010-02-04
      Angela: He came to work late every day that week. Then on Friday, he didn't show up at all. Andy: That was the straw that broke the camel's back.
      零基礎學英語口語[06]:Against the clock2010-02-04
      Angela: Mom, will you have time to help me with my homework today? Andy: Sorry, I won't. I'll be working against the clock to finish my presentation.
      零基礎學英語口語[07]:Against the grain2010-02-03
      Angela: Why can't you just do it the way everyone else does? Why do you always have to go against the grain?
      零基礎學英語口語[08]:All in the same boat2010-02-03
      Angela: I'm so busy. I don't know how will get this done. Andy: You're not the only one with a lot to do. We are all in the same boat.
      零基礎學英語口語[09]:Rock the boat2010-02-02
      Angela: Everyone wants to go except for you. Why do you have to rock the boat?
      零基礎學英語口語[10]:The ins and outs2010-02-02
      Angela: I hope you can help me. I want to learn the ins and outs.
      零基礎學英語口語[11]:Cold turkey2010-02-01
      Angela: Did it take you a long time to quit smoking? Andy: No. I just went cold turkey, and I never smoked again.
      零基礎學英語口語[12]:To wear her heart on her sleeve2010-02-01
      Angela: She is kind of player who never hides how she's feeling. Once look at her and you know if she's winning or losing.
      零基礎學英語口語[13]:A fool and his money are easily parted2010-01-31
      Angela: How is it that you left home with 20 dollars but you come home with nothing? A fool and his money are easily parted!
      零基礎學英語口語[14]:The bigger they are, the harder they fall2010-01-31
      Angela: Those guys thought they would never lose. But we finally beat them. And look at them crying now.
      零基礎學英語口語[15]:You can't judge a book by its cover2010-01-30
      Angela: He dresses in plain clothes and drives an old car. Who would know he is the richest man in town?
      零基礎學英語口語[16]:Under the gun2010-01-30
      Angela: I feel I work harder when I am under pressure. Andy: Me too. I get much more done when I am under the gun.
      零基礎學英語口語[17]:The kitchen sink2010-01-29
      Angela: Every time we go camping my wife packs everything but the kitchen sink.
      零基礎學英語口語[18]:Cross your fingers2010-01-29
      Angela: Good luck on your test tomorrow. We'll be crossing our fingers for you!
      零基礎學英語口語[19]:Word of mouth2010-01-28
      Angela: There has been talk at school about canceling the concert. Andy: Really? Who did you hear that from? Angela: Just word of mouth.
      零基礎學英語口語[20]:Great minds think alike2010-01-28
      Angela: I was just thinking to call you, then the phone rang and it was you calling me. Andy: Great minds think alike.
      零基礎學英語口語[21]:The heart grow fonder2010-01-27
      Angela: Does it bother you that your husband goes away on long business trips?
      零基礎學英語口語[22]:Out of the frying pan and into the fire2010-01-27
      Angela: Her ex-boyfriend was terrible, but this new one is even worse! Andy: Out of the frying pan and into the fire.
      零基礎學英語口語[23]:It's a dog-eat-dog world2010-01-26
      Angela: I can't believe you sold him your motorcycle for so much money!
      零基礎學英語口語[24]:Out of the blue2010-01-26
      Angela: Why did she do that? Andy: I have no idea. It was completely out of the blue.
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