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      Now I'd like to open it up for questions. 現在我可以回答你們的提問.
      I know I've covered a lot of points today, but let's summarize real quickly.... First, our designing team has come up with a final version of the product that emphasizes technology.
      That is our one major success. If you look at the other graphs, you can see that most of the other product lines remained steady with little increase.
      Right, that ends the third and final part of our presentation. I'd like to end by emphasizing the main points. I'll give you a brief summary.
      So that concludes the introduction. Now let's move to the first part of my talk, which is about 2006 fiscal year marketing plan. So first, right off the bat, When looking at the marketing plan, tell me some of the goals that we had set this year to begin with....
      Certainly. As my colleague just mentioned, sustainability is a major concern when examining the potential output of a resource. Of course, as you can see from the content of our presentation today, with renewable resource, there is a much larger sustainability than with non-renewable resource. As was already said, it is always better to seek a renewable source of energy when possible.
      Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, we are happy you have all come out for our training workshop. Today we have a great line-up of speakers to talk to you. First on our program is a well-renown expert in the field of international economic development, Harvard's own Dr. James Smith. Dr. Smith has been involved in economic research for over twenty years, and has taught at Harvard since 1995. And now, without further adieu, we'd like to welcome Mr. James Smith.
      Aren't you going to give us a training workshop next week? How are things going on your preparation for the presentation?
      I've got to put together a sales pitch to give to our clients in the morning. You always give such amazing presentations, I was hoping you could give me some advice about how to win them over tomorrow.
      Do you think we will spend more than twenty minutes in the opening? I think it should be pretty simple.
      Our analysis shows that we are very competitive. If you refer to the last page of the handout, you will see a plot of our expenses vs. our profits for the last quarter. Do you think it's neccesary to go over the expenses more in detail?
      商務英語情景口語:Executing Meetings 開會2012-12-22
      I need a copy of the agenda. Also, may I suggest something? I know we have many points to review today, but would it be possible to limit our meeting time to finish before four o'clock? Many of us still have a mountain of work to do before the day's end.
      M: With tomorrow being Labur Day and all, I think it would be a nice gesture to let all the memebers of laborial staff leave work an hour early. What do you say?
      B:Yes, I'd be happy to. Let me tell you this,we are ahead of the competition because our products have advanced technology.
      A: It's amazing to me how international business has become. Take my store for example. On any given day, you will find imported items from more than 20 different countries on our shelves.
      B: Let's see...You are importing fifty containers of textiles from China. They should be able to place your order before the end of next week. It will take 2 days for shipping to the port city of Ningbo.
      M: Give these sales figures a look. It's pretty depressing. We're way in the red this year. We can't afford to keep going like this for much longer.
      Did you see the information on sales for last year? The sales review was made at our last board meeting. There's a great news for our shareholders.
      M: This automobile is just right for your needs because not only is it compact for ease in city driving, but also, it has many safety features. I know that as a parent, you are concerned about safety in driving your kids to and from school.
      It's not just that the price is high, it's that the overhead to update an entire computer system to be compatible is costly.
      A:Which of the steps are you focusing on in brand growth?Awareness,understanding,acceptance,or loyalty?
      What are our areas for growth?What sectors do you see the most potential in?If we are going to pull our sales numbers up and develop the brand,we got to work across the board.
      What's holding us back on the plant expansion project? We were supposed to see the specs on that ages ago.Why haven't I heard anything about it? Did the whole project just vanish into thin air?
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