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      商務口語 第061講:人力資源(01)2017-12-07
      1.Asset 財富,資產,重要資源,重要人才A: Mike is really an asset of our company.B: I agree. We need to have an retain plan for him.A:邁克真是我們公司的重要人才.B:我同意,我們要有個留住他的計劃.2
      商務口語 第060講:總經理辦公室(02)2017-12-07
      1.Passport application 申請護照 A: How long does it take for passport applications? B: One month.A:申請辦理護照需要多長時間? B:一個月.2.Pick up at the airport 接機A: Mike is coming today. Did you
      商務口語 第059講:總經理辦公室(01)2017-12-06
      1.Appointment 約會,約見 A: Do you have an appointment with Mr.Liu? B: I have an appointment with him at one o'clock.A:您和劉先生約時間了嗎? B:我和他約在一點鐘見面.2.Fund 成立A: Our company was
      商務口語 第058講:工廠參觀會(02)2017-12-06
      1.Inspection gages and fixtures 檢測量具和夾具 A: Who is going to design the inspection gages and fixtures? B: It will be the Stone Company.A:誰來設計檢測量具和夾具? B:將會是斯通公司.2.Shift 輪班
      商務口語 第057講:工廠參觀會(01)2017-12-05
      1.Efficiency 效率 A: What is the efficiency of this product line? B: It's about 85%.A:這個生產線的效率是多少? B:差不多85%.2.Labor costs 人工成本A: Why do we have such high labor costs? B: Our lab
      商務口語 第056講:招聘會(02)2017-12-05
      1.Why don't you ... 你問什么不…… A: Why don't you work for our competitor? B: I don't like their attitude to their employees.A:你為什么不去我們的競爭對手那里工作? B:我不喜歡他們對待員工的態度.
      商務口語 第055講:招聘會(01)2017-12-04
      1.Are you clear about this position? 你對這個職位了解嗎? A: Are you clear about this position? B: Kind of. I'd like to know more about it.A:你對這個職位了解嗎? B:差不多,我想再多了解一些.2.Desc
      商務口語 第054講:工作總結會(02)2017-12-04
      1.Penalty 罰款 A: What is the penalty if the deliveries are late? B: Each day, we will be charged for one thousandth of the contract amount.A:如果發貨遲了的話,罰金是多少? B:每天支付合同總金額的千分
      商務口語 第053講:工作總結會(01)2017-12-03
      1.Award 獎品,獲獎 A: Are we going to decide the award recipients today? B: Yes. We plan to announce them next week.A:我們今天要決定獲獎人嗎? B:是的,我們計劃下周公布.2.Behind schedule 比計劃延期A
      商務口語 第051講:工作報告會(01)2017-12-03
      1.Briefing on Finance 財務簡報 A: What is the meeting for? B: It's a briefing on finance of the company.A:這個會是為什么開的? B:是公司的財務匯報.2.inventory check 清點庫存A: How often do we condu
      商務口語 第052講:工作報告會(02)2017-12-02
      1.Operations review 運行審核 A: Did you attend the last operations review? B: I did. We are doing quite well last month.A:你參加上次的運行審核了嗎? B:參加了,我們上個月的業務做得很好.2.Program is
      商務口語 第051講:工作報告會(01)2017-12-02
      1.Briefing on Finance 財務簡報 A: What is the meeting for? B: It's a briefing on finance of the company.A:這個會是為什么開的? B:是公司的財務匯報.2.inventory check 清點庫存A: How often do we condu
      商務口語 第050講:工作計劃會議(02)2017-12-01
      1.Manpower planning 人力規劃 A: Who does manpower planning for our company? B: Human Resoursces will do it with the plants.A:我們公司的人力規劃是誰來負責? B:人力資源部和工廠一起完成.2.Potential p
      商務口語 第049講:工作計劃會議(01)2017-12-01
      1.Budget planning 預算計劃 A: Who did the budget planning for this program? B: John did. Any problem? A:誰做的這個項目的預算計劃工作? B:是約翰,有什么問題嗎? 2. Financial forecast 財務預算A: Could
      商務口語 第048講:使用投影儀及計算機(02)2017-11-30
      1.Back up 后退 A: John, could you back up one slide please? B: Sure. A:約翰,請退回到上一頁好嗎? B:好的.2. Connect the projector to the computer 把投影儀連接到電腦上A: How do you connect the proje
      商務口語 第047講:使用投影儀及計算機(01)2017-11-30
      1.No signal 沒有信號 A: Why is there no signal? B: Push the Function key and the F4 key at the same time.A:為什么沒有信號呢? B:同時按住功能鍵和F4鍵.2.Power outlet 電源A: Where is the power outlet
      商務口語 第046講:展示會(02)2017-11-29
      1.I'd like to entertain any questions. 我愿意回答任何問題. A: That's all I have to present. I'd like to entertain any questions.B: I have a question. What makes you so sure that this program will
      商務口語 第045講:展示會(01)2017-11-29
      1.Introduce capabilities 介紹能力 A: Let me introduce to you our development capabilities.B: Go ahead. A:請允許我介紹一下我們的開發能力.B:請開始吧.2. Laser pointer 激光筆A: Could I borrow a lase
      商務口語 第044講:業務伙伴會議(02)2017-11-28
      1.Make it clear 弄清楚 A: Before we go to far, let's make it clear who does what. B: That's a good idea. A:在大張旗鼓之前,我們得先分好工.B:好主意.2.Take advantage of our strengths 借用我們的優
      商務口語 第043講:業務伙伴會議(01)2017-11-28
      1.Get the ball rolling 開始行動 A:I think this is a perfect plan. Let's get the ball rolling!B:I agree. Let's get into action. A:我認為這是個完美的計劃,我們開始行動吧.B:我同意,開始行動吧.2.
      商務口語 第042講:客戶會議(02)2017-11-27
      1.Please give us an overview.請給我們做一下介紹. A:We are not familiar with your company. Please give us an overview.B:I'd be glad to. A:我們對貴公司不是很熟悉,請給我們做一下介紹.B:我很樂意.2
      商務口語 第041講:客戶會議(01)2017-11-27
      1.Count on your company依靠貴公司 A: We are having serious issues with this program. We are counting on your company to help.B: That is what we are here for. Let's get right to the issues.A:我們這個
      商務口語 第040講:主持會議(02)2017-11-26
      1.Round up everyone召集大家 A: Do we have everybody? B: No, we're still missing a few guys.A: Go and round them up.B: Okay.A:大家都到齊了嗎? B:還沒有,還缺幾個人. A:去把他們叫來吧.B:好的.2.Sho
      商務口語 第039講:主持會議(01)2017-11-26
      1.Are we all set? 我們完事兒了嗎? A: Are we all set? B: I have one more question.A:我們完事兒了嗎? B:我還有一個問題.2.Get involved and contribute 積極參與和貢獻A: Everyone needs to get involved a
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