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      《匯智英語自學課堂——突破口語MP3》是一款專門為英語自學者量身打造的英語口語學習軟件,本專輯適用于所有口語表達能力薄弱的英語愛好者。句型中所用詞匯和表達法都是英美國家人士在實際生活中經常用到的,內容豐富有趣,現實感強,分為初級口語和中級口語兩大部分,每部分包含三個板塊:1、句子學習; 2、情景對話; 3、獨白。
      突破口語之情景對話(1):Hope to see you again next year2010-08-16
      Hope to see you again next year.
      突破口語之情景對話(2):What's new with you2010-08-15
      Me too. Seems like all I do is eat and sleep.
      突破口語之情景對話(3):Nice to see you again2010-08-15
      I've been studying for my exams. My school exams will begin next month.
      突破口語之情景對話(4):He's out at the moment他此刻不在2010-08-14
      Thanks for calling. Oh, hang on, someone's at the door that may be him, please hold on.
      突破口語之情景對話(5):What's the weather forecast for today2010-08-14
      I wouldn't either. It's been looking like rain for several days.
      突破口語之情景對話(6):It's a noice day天氣真好2010-08-13
      He complained that the exam was too hard.
      突破口語之情景對話(7):No need to change不用換車2010-08-13
      Go straight down the road and then turn left.
      突破口語之情景對話(8):It's just a couple of minutes幾分鐘就到了2010-08-12
      Hello. Excuse me. Do you know if there's a Commercial Bank around here?
      突破口語之情景對話(9):Having a date佳人有約2010-08-12
      Lily is eighteen years old. She's not a baby. She always comes home early.
      突破口語之情景對話(10):Birthday gift生日禮物2010-08-11
      Oh, great! I love it! You know I've been expecting this for a long time.
      突破口語之情景對話(11):Will you make some recommendation你能作個推薦嗎2010-08-11
      《匯智英語自學課堂——突破口語MP3》是一款專門為英語自學者量身打造的英語口語學習軟件,本專輯適用于所有口語表達能力薄弱的英語愛好者。句型中所用詞匯和表達法都是英美國家人士在實際生活中經常用到的,內容豐富有趣,現實感強,分為初級口語和中級口語兩大部分,每部分包含三個板塊:1、句子學習; 2、情景對話; 3、獨白。
      I believe you have charged me twice for the same thing. Look, the figure of 6.5 dollar appears here, then again here.
      突破口語之情景對話(13):Complain about food抱怨食物2010-08-10
      Oh! Sorry to hear that. This is quite unusual as we have steak from the market every day.
      突破口語之情景對話(14):I'm not feeling well我不太舒服2010-08-09
      You have a temperature, but it's nothing serious. It's probably just the flu. I'll give you a prescription. Take this to the chemist's. Take one tablet every four hours. You should stay in bed tomorrow, and drink plenty of lemon juice.
      突破口語之情景對話(15):My whole body feels weak我渾身無力2010-08-09
      I'm afraid we have made a terrible mess in your room.
      突破口語之情景對話(16):Going for a walk散步2010-08-08
      Don't take too long. It would be a shame not to take advantage of such lovely weather.
      突破口語之情景對話(17):A basketball match一場籃球比賽2010-08-08
      We just had a basketball match with Class Two.
      突破口語之情景對話(18):I'm a fanatical fan我是一個大球迷2010-08-07
      Sorry. I'm strictly a spectator-football, baseball, basketball, golf … I watch them all.
      突破口語之情景對話(19):How about going to the cinema tonight?今晚去看電影怎么樣?2010-08-07
      Valentine's Day is the most romantic time for lovers.
      突破口語之情景對話(20):My favorite magazine 我最喜歡的雜志2010-08-06
      it's so popular that it's sold out as soon as it reaches the bookstores.
      突破口語之情景對話(21):Travelling abroad出國旅行2010-08-06
      We may go abroad, my wife wants to go to Egypt, and I'd like to go there too. We haven't made up our mind yet.
      突破口語之情景對話(22):Back from vacation旅行歸來2010-08-05
      They are. And not only that the people are friendly, but also the food is delicious, not to mention cheap.
      突破口語之情景對話(23):Do you like your job?你喜歡你的工作嗎2010-08-05
      The work is rather hard, but it's interesting.