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      新東方商務口語[34]:在宴會上At the Party2011-03-15
      Mr. Lee: Excuse me, everyone. If I could just have your attention for a few minutes… I’d like to thank you all for coming. Welcome to Go-Getters Advertising Agency’s Annual Make Your Market Banquet. We’re happy to be celebrating the end of another successful year.
      新東方商務口語[33]:拒絕邀請 Turning Down an Invitation2011-03-14
      Mr. Jones: Leo! I wanted to tell you thanks for all your hard work on the budget. We’re having a get-together after work tonight at Carl’s Karaoke Club to celebrate having finished it. We’d love to see you there.
      新東方商務口語[32]:招待朋友 Entertaining Friends2011-03-14
      Mr. Jones: Mary! I haven’t seen you since our dinner with Mr. Lee last week. Where have you been hiding yourself lately?
      Danielle: Thank you. I have been working on it for several years.
      新東方商務口語[31]:招待朋友 Entertaining Friends2011-03-13
      Mr. Lee: I know you’ve had Chinese food before, but I had to look all over town to find an authentic Chinese restaurant. I’m hoping this experience will be new and different for you.
      新東方商務口語[28]:前臺對話(2) Meeting the Receptionist2011-03-12
      Cathy: My name is Cathy Bates. I spoke with her about a week ago and she told me to just stop by when I was in the neighborhood. I am dropping off some paperwork for her.
      Joseph: The final report is exceptionally thorough and well done. I think that you have been come up with some interesting recommendations for the client.
      新東方商務口語[27]:前臺對話(1) Meeting the Receptionist2011-03-11
      Receptionist: Thank you, Mr. Dove. If you have a seat, I will let him know you are here.
      新東方商務口語[26]:開個人賬戶Opening a Bank Account2011-03-11
      Jimmy: It’s great, dad. I don’t mind delivering papers, but the real fun is collecting the money.
      新東方商務口語[24]:兌換外幣 Changing Money2011-03-10
      That’s a hefty amount. But that should have no problem at all. You should be aware that there is a ten-percent service charge, though.
      新東方商務口語[25]:取錢和消戶 Withdrawing Money and Closing an Account2011-03-10
      Thank you. This should only be a few minutes. If you would like, there is coffee by those sofas over there.
      新東方商務口語[23]:Opening an Account 開賬戶2011-03-09
      Teller: OK, just fill in this application. You can sit over there. This brochure explains our services. We have free checking, and you will be given a debit card and on ATM card. There is no service charge on the debit card, but each ATM transaction costs one dollar.
      新東方商務口語[22]:Complaint 抱怨2011-03-09
      Guest: Well, apparently I’ve run up quite a bill. I was under the impression that the Junior Executive Holiday Package only cost 250 dollars per night. I’ve just been informed that it’s actually 500 dollars per night.
      新東方商務口語[20]:退房Checking out of the Hotel[1]2011-03-08
      Desk Clerk: The bill is itemized, so take some time to look through it and make sure we’ve charged you for the correct services. Most of your extra charges were for phone calls and room service.
      新東方商務口語[21]:退房Checking out of the Hotel[2]2011-03-08
      Desk Clerk: I’m sorry sir. The 250-dollar rate is based on double occupancy. That means it’s 250 per person. The room itself is 500 dollars a night.
      新東方商務口語[19]:讓人換燈泡 Getting a Light Bulb Changed2011-03-07
      Sorry, sir. This is housekeeping. We just clean your room and change the sheets and towels. Let me transfer you to the right department.
      新東方商務口語[18]:酒店登記 Checking into a Hotel2011-03-07
      Oh, right. You’re in our system. I was just looking under Li. So, we’ve got you down for a Business Suite for three days. If I could just have your credit card, I’ll process your check-in while you fill out our resident’s form.
      新東方商務口語[17]:尋找酒店 Looking for a Hotel2011-03-04
      新東方商務口語[16]:第一次出差 First Business Trip2011-03-04
      John: I can’t attend the meeting in Washington. I’ve proposed you as the most able substitute.
      新東方商務口語[14]:見移民官 Talking to the Immigration Officer2011-03-03
      Officer: Passport, please. (pause) Thank you. I’ll need to see your boarding pass as well.
      新東方商務口語[15]:過海關Going through Customs2011-03-03
      Official: I’m sorry sir, but you can’t take any of this into the country. We will also have to check your carry-on. Please step this way. Don’t’ be nervous; we’ll just look through it briefly and then if there are no further problems you’ll be free to go.
      Clerk: Good evening, Mr. Lee and thank you for choosing our airline. We have just discovered that this flight is overbooked. Would you like to volunteer to give up your seat?
      新東方商務口語[12]:航班取消 Flight Cancelled2011-03-02
      Mr. Lee: Hi. I’m here for flight 513 to New York but I thought I heard the paging system announce that it is canceled. Is that true?
      新東方商務口語[11]:航班誤點Delayed Flight2011-03-01
      Mr. Lee: Hi. I’m here for flight 514 returning to Beijing but the board shows there is a delay. How long of a delay is expected?