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      Our shipping arrangements are very detailed .We wrap each doll in seven layers of bubble-wrap and then pack them in separate boxes. We have never had any problem with breakage.
      Jerry:My boss was willing to consider your offer,but is interested in future price reduction.Do you have any cash discount?
      Jerry:My boss agreed to your price,although he found it a little high.He would like to keep working with your company,and he is also hoping that there will be some further incentives in the deal.
      My understanding is that CIF means the seller is responsible for prepaying shipping costs and arranging for the insurance policy.
      For a batch of 6,000 we would charge two dollars a doll .your total cost would be $12,000.
      Frank:What are your terms of payment?您要求的付款方式是什么?Lora:Our terms are net 30.三十天內付清貨款.
      Our product features inventory tracking software,which continuously updates and tracks your inventory on a real-time basis.
      Husband:I called the electronics shop to find out what time they close,and it took me twenty minutes to get what I wanted!
      Receptionist: Star Flooring, how may I direct your call?Star地板材料公司。您找誰?Mr. Lee: I'd like to speak to someone in the Purchasing Department.我找采購部的人。
      新東方商務口語[29]:Inquiry 查詢2011-03-12
      Brian:I need to speak to an attorney regarding filing corporate govemance.
      新東方商務口語[28]:Returning a Call回電話(2)2011-03-12
      Mr Young:Sales,David Young speaking.How can I help you?銷售部,David Young 。您找誰?Mr.Jones:Yes,this is Mike Jones.Is Leo in?請問 Leo在嗎?
      新東方商務口語[27]:Returning a Call回電話(1)2011-03-11
      Bob: Listen, I need to discuss that mergers deal we met about last week.Unfortunately, I am about to go into a meeting. Can I call you back later?
      新東方商務口語[26]:Phone Skills電話技巧之留言(2)2011-03-11
      Mr. Lee: Yes, please tell him I called, and have him call me back as soon as he has some time.
      新東方商務口語[25]:Phone Skills電話技巧之留言(1)2011-03-10
      I am sorry, sir. He isn't in right now. Would you like to leave a message?
      新東方商務口語[24]:Firing an Employee解雇員工2011-03-10
      Thank you for your hard efforts on behalf of the company. Unfortunately, due to dudget constraints, your position is being made redundant.
      新東方商務口語[23]:Consulting Service咨詢服務2011-03-09
      Consultant: You definitely made the right move by calling. Our primary business is creating, conducting and customizing fully interactive human resources workshops for companies just like yours.
      新東方商務口語[22]:sick days病假2011-03-09
      HR Manager: That's right. I know it must sound crazy to you, but we believe there will be fewer absences this way.
      新東方商務口語[21]:Asking for vacation 申請休假2011-03-08
      Boss: Just make sure to turn in all the necessary paperwork to ensure there are no problems with the days you want to take off.
      新東方商務口語[20]:Casual Days 便服日2011-03-08
      HR Administrator: Of course not. I'm just observing casual day. On Fridays, the company doesn't require us to wear formal business attire.
      Our harassment policy requires that we have a meeting with the HR manager and Miss Brown. It's quite serious. You could be reprimanded, or even fired if we find evidence that you were pressuring her to go to dinner with you. We have to protect our employees.
      新東方商務口語[18]:HR Administration人力資源管理2011-03-07
      Well, you do still have three weeks. But remember the employee must sign them, too. Filling them in is nothing - it's meetingwith the employees that takes so much time.
      新東方商務口語[17]:HR Survey(2) 員工調查2011-03-04
      HR Administrator: Welcome to the company. We are conducting a survey of new employees to find out what influenced them to choose our company.
      新東方商務口語[16]:HR Survey(1)員工調查2011-03-04
      HR Administrator: Welcome to the company. We are conducting a survey of new employees to find out what influenced them to choose our company.
      新東方商務口語[15]:再教育Continuing Education2011-03-03
      Mary: Yes, furthering my education is already bringing about positive results in my workplace as it has boosted my confidence. As well the tutoring system my school employs offers courses uniquely suited to my needs and goals.