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      新洋話1000句 lesson 212014-02-22
      新洋話1000句 lesson 21,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      新洋話1000句 lesson 222014-02-22
      Were there some places of interest to visit there? Do we have to prebook tours or can we get them on site? Does the hotel have a tour service?
      新洋話1000句 lesson 232014-02-21
      How much does a wrong trip take it to go there car? Do you have a any tickets available for that day? When would you like to return?
      新洋話1000句 lesson 242014-02-21
      Hi. Do you work out? What kind of exercises do you like to do? I work out at the gym every day. I love to lift weights.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 252014-02-20
      新洋話1000句 lesson 25,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      新洋話1000句 lesson 262014-02-20
      新洋話1000句 lesson 26,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      新洋話1000句 lesson 272014-02-19
      1 Today is just been crasy. 2 Itv been in an extremly headache day. 3 Ive been busy all day. 4 I have a million things to do today.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 282014-02-19
      1 Please hold my call. 2 Please give me a cup of coffee. 3 What are my schedule for today? 4 Do I have any appointments?
      新洋話1000句 lesson 292014-02-18
      1 What is the producer section? 2 The check out counter is very busy. 3 How fresh are these vegetables?
      新洋話1000句 lesson 302014-02-18
      Wheres the campus cafeteria? What dorm do you live in? Are you in a fraternity? Are you in a sorority?
      新洋話1000句 lesson 312014-02-17
      1 Whats your major? 2 How many classes are you taking in this semester? 3 Whats your GPA last semester?
      新洋話1000句 lesson 322014-02-17
      Nice weather today, isnt it? Its raining cats and dogs. Its hard as hacking.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 332014-02-16
      My girlfriend recently broke my heart. I got down by my girlfriend. My boyfriend just broke up with me. We are not seeing each other any more.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 342014-02-16
      That guy is as fat as a pig. Your boyfreind is a backbones. You keep getting fatter and fatter. If you keep eating you will be as big as a house.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 352014-02-15
      I have a complaint I would like to make. I would to lodge a complaintI have a complaint for you. May I talk to you about something thats borthering me.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 362014-02-15
      I feel sick as a dog. I eat something bad, now I get the wrongs. I think I am going to vomitMy head is killing me. My stomach is killing me.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 372014-02-14
      新洋話1000句 lesson 37,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      新洋話1000句 lesson 382014-02-14
      I feel sick as a dog. I eat something bad, now I get the wrongs. I think I am going to vomitMy head is killing me. My stomach is killing me.
      新洋話1000句 lesson 392014-02-13
      新洋話1000句 lesson 39,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      新洋話1000句 lesson 402014-02-13
      I am in the school quire. Are there any sports clubs on campus? I was a member of the debating. I hope to be able to join the school ban.