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      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 12012-04-13
      Lesson 1Phonetics語音元音:[i:] [e] 輔音: [p] [b] [p] [b] [p] [b] [pi:] [bi:] [pe] [be] [t] [d] [t] [d] [t] [d] [ti:] [di:] [di:] [ti:] [i:t] [pet] [bi:d] [bed] [m] [m] [m] [m] [mi:] [mi:t] [met] [em] [bi:m] [ti:m] [n] [n] [n] [n] [n] [ni:d]
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 22012-04-13
      WORDSa pen pens map mapspeasant peasants spade spadesa pen pensa map mapsa peasant peasantsa spade spadesei pei peidmei meitdei deitnei neim
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 32012-04-12
      Lesson Three Words this 這個 pencil 鉛筆 is 是 desk 書桌 that 那個 table 桌子 Is this?這是不是。。。。。。? pick 鎬 Is that?那是不是。。。。。。? Text This is a pen. Is this a pen?
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 42012-04-12
      Lesson 4 wordlist yes it green red no isn't these are they aren't those knife knives 1 Is this a pen? Yes, it is. It is a green pen. Is that a pencil? Yes, it is. It is a red pencil. 2 Is this a desk? No, it isn't. It is a table. Is that a pick?
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 52012-04-11
      Lesson 5 wrod list what book notebook I am student you teacher he she doctor nurse we one What is this? It is a book. What is that? It is a notebook. What are these? They are books. What are those? They are notebooks. Two I am a student.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 62012-04-11
      Lesson 6 Wordlist Good morning. good morning Good afternoon. afternoon Good evening. evening Good night. night Good bye.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 72012-04-10
      My home is in Shanghai. My father is a teacher. My mother works in a nursery. My father teaches physics. My mother also teaches. She teaches children to think and speak clearly.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 82012-04-10
      There are xix classes in grade one. We are in class five. Our class is not very big. There are fifteen students in it. Among them there are two party members and eight league members.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 92012-04-09
      Lesson 9 Word list how how many who name old how old is he? twenty where to be from classmate nineteen Peking workers family studies everybody says Text 1 How many classes are there in grade one? There are five.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 102012-04-09
      Lesson 10 Word list time o'clock water past half twenty to seven when do get up at six breakfast lunch supper go go to bed to dialogue class every day week well most of Tuesday Text 1 What time is it? It is six o'clock.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 112012-04-08
      There are seven days in a week. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 122012-04-08
      Near the North Pole there are two seasons:winter and summer. The winter nights are long.For more than two months you can't see the sun,even at noon.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 132012-04-07
      After supper he often goes for a walk in the college gardens. Sometimes he listens to the English broadcast. In the evening he prepares his lessons. He goes to bed at half past ten.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 142012-04-07
      This is already my seventh week to college. We are very busy here and life is very interesting. There are so many new thing to learn. We have English lessons every day and I like them very much.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 152012-04-07
      The man in the middle is mending shoes. At a counter on the right, a woman is showing an old man a towel and some soap.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 162012-04-07
      It is Sunday. There are hundreds and hundreds of people in the park. Some are walking by the lake. Others are sitting on the benches and chatting.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 172012-04-05
      One more thing: the day after tomorrow our class team will have a basket-ball match with Class Three. Lie’s all go and cheer for them.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 182012-04-05
      All right. Then I sweat the floor. Yang Ling can dust the desks and chairs. And Wu Ying can take care of the radiator.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 192012-04-04
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 19,本聽力暫無文本內容,歡迎來郵件提供文本!
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 202012-04-04
      When Gaoyubao was a child,he worked for a landload.This landload was especially sly and greedy. He made the farmhands work very hard and gave them a little to eat.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 212012-04-03
      My hometown is beautiful place.It stands beside a wide river at the foot of low green hills.It has many fine buildings and wide streets.There are trees and flowers everywhere.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 222012-04-03
      The bear came up and sneafed at the man's head. It put it's nose close to his mouth and ears.The man held his breath. The bear thought he was dead and walked away for bears never touch dead man.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 232012-04-02
      The bear came up and sneafed at the man's head. It put it's nose close to his mouth and ears.The man held his breath. The bear thought he was dead and walked away for bears never touch dead man.
      許國璋英語聽力第一冊 Lesson 242012-04-02
      Every head came up.Quick hands grabbed all the Polish history books off the desks,and hid them away.The girls swiftly took sewing materials from their desks. They began to embroider little squares of cloth.