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      DORIS: Youre late. LEO: I know Im late. Im sorry.I tried to call you to tell you, but your phone seems to be disconnected. DORIS: My phone?
      ELIZA: There is a tornado warning on. My mother just told me she heard it on the radio. LEE: What is a tornado warning? ELIZA: It means that a tornado has been seen somewhere in the area.
      SALLY: Listen, Karen, I need your help. I dont know anyone here yet. KAREN: Im glad to help you. Whats wrong? SALLY: My mother-in-law just went into the hospital in L.A.Hank and I will be flying there tonight.
      KELLY: Hello. Is this Ann? ANN: Yes, it is. Kelly? KELLY: Yes, its me. ANN: Do you have a cold? KELLY: No. Worse than that. I have a flu. Im in bed with a fever.
      STEVE: Ah! No! Damn it! DEREK: Its a blackout. Now I cant see Seinfeld. STEVE: So what? I just lost one hours worth of work. DEREK: Really? How could you do that?Dont you save every couple minutes?
      TOM: What are we going to do? I cant get the car out of this ditch. Im stuck! SUE: Im worried, Tom. I havent seen any other cars for almost an hour. TOM: I know. This is terrible. What can we do? This snow doesnt stop falling!
      ALLEN: Oh, my God! Ive been cheated! SARAH: What? What did you buy? ALLEN: Its a brick! I cant believe how stupid I was. Damn it!
      SUE: Oh, my God! Whats this? ALLEN: What? SUE: Look! This window is open. ALLEN: Did you open it before we left? SUE: Are you kidding? Its winter. Why would I open it?
      ADAM: Ah! It hurts. Dont touch it. SCOTT: What part hurts? ADAM: The shoulder. SCOTT: Well, maybe you broke it. But what Im worried about is this cut.
      IVY: Excuse me. I need to refill this prescription. KAREN: It says on the bottle here that you can have two refills. IVY: Yes, I need to refill it today.
      CAROL: Doris, Im glad youre home. Im terrified. I dont know what to do! DORIS: What is it? What happened? CAROL: I think someone is stalking me. DORIS: No, it cant be. Really? Who?
      STEVE: Did you smell something out here? SUE: Yes, I was in the kitchen. I thought I could smell smoke. STEVE: Me too. Where is it coming from? SUE: I cant see anything. Wait! Whats that over there?
      TOM: Why dont you watch where youre going? CARL: Me? Youre the one who pulled out in front of me! TOM: There was plenty of room for me to pull out.You didnt have to stay in the lane you were in.
      TRISH: Well, Im glad youre finally back. I was wondering what happened. SARAH: I feel kind of stupid. TRISH: Why? SARAH: We got lost coming back. I guess I dont really know this town yet.
      CARL: Hello. Excuse me. SALLY: Yes. Can I help you? CARL: Do you remember me? I just had lunch here a half hour ago.
      STEVE: I need help. I think my arm is broken. KELLY: Alright. Have you been to this hospital before? STEVE: No, I havent. I need help quick. It hurts really badly.