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      110 Killing is no solution p.258 Two Australians, Mack and Jill, are camping on Kangaroo Island. M: Look! Theres a koala hugging a tree. Theyre really so cute. Jill, why are you crying?
      25. Restaurant Dos and Donts P156 When you want to eat at a Western restaurant, you should first consider making a reservation. If not, you risk having to wait for a long time for a table.
      36. The Sex Maniac p.237 Randy is consoling his friend Steve, whose girl friend has just left him. R: Come on, Steve. No point in crying over spilt milk. S: I shouldnt have let her go. R: Forget her. Therere plenty of fish in the sea.
      46. Anything for a Kiss p.310 Martin and Sally have just watched Thai Boxing. M: How did you like the fight, Sally? S: I found it not only too violent but also very brutal.
      Study or Flunk p.101 Kim bumps into her classmate, Pak. K: Whats the matter, Pak? You look depressed. Did someone just die or what? P: Well, someone is going to soon. K: Oh, my God! Really? Who is it?
      I remember when I was a young boy, life was tough. My parents made me do many things for them. For example, they had me do the laundry, the dishes and the house cleaning. They even got me to work part-time to help with the family expenses.
      It is natural for people to be attracted to beautiful things. It follows, therefore, that most women desire nothing but to look beautiful.
      Betty is talking to her husband Dan B: Dont you think its time that we had a baby? D: Were much better off without children. Think of all the trouble raising them.
      Lucy is talking to her boyfriend, Vic, about their friend, Randy. L: Did you hear that Randys got AIDS? V: Oh my God! Really? How come? L: He became infected after having sex with a call girl.
      30. Yes, Sir p.194 The teacher wakes me up from my dream. T: Get up, you lazybones! M: Oh sorry, sir, I must have fallen asleep. T: You bet. And we could see you shaking like a leaf. M: Really? Wow! Thank goodness I was dreaming.
      7. Doctor Death p.39 Whether very sick people should be helped to end their own lives is a question many people cannot answer. However, Dr.Kevorkian is an exception. That he has done this more than twenty times is known to everyone.
      Two animals, Porky the pig and Donald the duck, see something strange to them. P: Whats that four-legged furry thing? D: Beats me. Why dont you get him to tell us who he is? P: OK, Let me try. Hey! Hi, idiot. D: Hey, Porky! Look at the tag hanging around its neck. It says G-O-D, God! Youre in big trouble.
      79. The Weaker Sex p.31 Who says that women are the weaker sex? Sixteen-year-old Kelly Williams from St. Petersburg, Florida is the first female wrestler to fight against boys and beat them.
      Mr.White is at the Lost and Found. Hes talking to one of the clerks there. (W=Mr.White; C=clerk) W: Excuse me. I couldnt find my luggage at the carousel. C: OK. Come with me, please. See if you can find it in this room. W: (after a while) It doesnt seem to be here.
      Koalas are considered an Australian national icon. These adorable tree-hugging animals feed on eucalyptus tree leaves. The problem is on average a koala destroys 13 pounds of the leaves to eat 2 pounds a day. Because of this, 5,000 koalas soon face starvation on Kangaroo Island in the south of Australia.
      Being thoughtful simply means thinking of others before yourself. What you say or do will have an effect on others. So it is important that you think before you say or do anything. In this way, you can avoid hurting others feelings. Moreover, a thoughtless act or remark can spoil a perfect relationship.
      Jenny and Andy are having a cup of coffee at a café. J: Hey, Andy. Did you feel that earthquake yesterday? A: Sure. I was at work. Some of the women in the office felt dizzy and screamed. J: You know, the ground shook so violently that I was terrified. A: That sounds just like how a woman would feel.
      127 A Shocking Experience p.373 Taking a taxi in a certain Eastern European country can be a shocking experience. It is said that some taxi drivers have metal wires stuck into the passenger seats.
      When youre smiling,the whole world smiles with you. These are the words taken from an old song. These words must have given Tomoji Kondo a bright idea. He started smiling classes.
      Listening to music is the favorite pastime of many people all over the world. This is especially true for people living in Vienna, the city of song. Being the home of Mozart, this city is the birthplace of classical music and the waltz.
      40.Changing Money p.267 Ritchie Li is at a bank in Australia. He tries not to show how nervous he is about speaking English. R: Excuse me, miss. I would like to change 500 US dollars into Australian dollars, please.
      Everywhere in the world you can hear people swearing or using foul language. Even when learning a second language, many people know how to swear before they can speak the language properly. Indeed, it is a disease.
      10. What Are Friends For? Jane meets her old friend, Fred. J: Hi, Fred! Hows everything? F: Not so good, Im afraid. Supporting a family is becoming more and more difficult these days.
      19. Blame it on Men p114 Whats the real reason women get fat? Its not chocolate or ice cream.
      82. Being around Nature p.54 Ruby is trying to get her friend, Tony, to go bird-watching with her. R: You really should get some exercise, Tony. Why dont you come bird-watching with me this weekend?
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