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      作者:(法) 亞歷山大·小仲馬



      茶花女:Chapter 12012-07-06
      IT is my considered view that no one can invent fictional characters without first having made a lengthy study of people, just as it is impossible for anyone to speak a language that has not been properly mastered.
      茶花女:Chapter 22012-07-05
      An interval of one day had been left between the viewing and the sale in order to give the upholsterers enough time to take down the hangings, curtains and so forth.
      茶花女:Chapter 32012-07-05
      All the famous names from the world of fashionable vice were there. They were being slyly observed by a number of society ladies who had again used the sale as a pretext for claiming the right to see, at close quarters, women in whose company they would not otherwise have had occasion to find themselves, and whose easy pleasures they perhaps secretly envied.
      茶花女:Chapter 42012-07-03
      TWO days later, the sale was completely over. It had realized one hundred and fifty thousand francs. The creditors had divided two thirds among themselves and the family? a sister and a young nephew ?had inherited the rest.
      茶花女:Chapter 52012-07-03
      A CONSIDERABLE time elapsed without my hearing a word about Armand, but on the other hand the subject of Marguerite had come up a great deal.
      茶花女:Chapter 62012-07-02
      I FOUND Armand in bed. When he saw me, he held out his hand. It was hot.
      茶花女:Chapter 72012-07-02
      ILLNESSES like the one to which Armand had succumbed have at least this much to be said for them: they either kill you at once or let themselves be conquered very quickly.
      茶花女:Chapter 82012-07-01
      HOWEVER (Armand went on after a pause), though I realized full well that I was still in love, I felt stronger than I had before and, in my desire to be with Marguerite again, there was also a determination to make her see that I now had the upper hand.
      茶花女:Chapter 92012-07-01
      GOOD evening, my dear Gaston, Marguerite said to my companion, I'm so glad to see you. Why didn't you come to my box at the Varietes?
      茶花女:Chapter 102012-06-30
      Lying back on a large couch, her dress undone, she held one hand on her heart and allowed the other to hang limply. On the table was a silver basin half full of water. The water was mottled with flecks of blood.
      茶花女:Chapter 112012-06-30
      I closed the window. Armand, who was still very weak, took off his dressing-gown and got into bed, allowing his head to rest on the pillow for a few moments, like a man wearied by a long march or troubled by painful memories.
      茶花女:Chapter 122012-06-29
      AT five in the morning, when daylight began to appear through the curtains, Marguerite said to me: Forgive me if I shoo you away now, but I must. The Duke comes every morning; when he arrives, he'll be told I'm asleep, and he may wait for me to wake.
      茶花女:Chapter 132012-06-29
      You're being unreasonable too. You must understand that Marguerite can't show the Count the door. Monsieur de G has been with her a long time now; he's always given her a lot of money.
      茶花女:Chapter 142012-06-28
      WHEN I reached home, I began to weep like a child. There is not a man alive who has not been deceived at least once but does not know what it is to suffer so.
      茶花女:Chapter 152012-06-28
      JOSEPH and I had been getting everything ready for my departure for about an hour, when there was a violent ringing at my door.
      茶花女:Chapter 162012-06-25
      I COULD have told you the start of the affair in a few lines (Armand said to me), but I wanted you to see for yourself the events and stages by which we reached the point where I agreed to everything Marguerite wanted, and Marguerite conceded that she could live only with me.
      茶花女:Chapter 172012-06-25
      THE next day, Marguerite sent me away punctually, saying that the Duke was expected early that morning, and promising to write the moment he left to let me know where we should meet in the evening.
      茶花女:Chapter 182012-06-24
      TO tell you of our new life in any detail would be no easy matter. It was made up of a series of frivolous diversions which, though delightful to us, would be quite meaningless to anyone who heard me recount them.
      茶花女:Chapter 192012-06-24
      IN the first three letters, my father expressed his concern for my silence and asked the reason for it. In the last, he made it clear that he had beeninformed of my changed way of life, and announced his arrival in the very near future.
      茶花女:Chapter 202012-06-23
      MY father was sitting in my drawing-room in his dressing-gown. He was writing. I knew at once, from the way he looked up at me as I entered, that serious matters were about to be broached.
      茶花女:Chapter 212012-06-23
      Oh my God! I was expecting something like this, she said. When Joseph came and told us your father had arrived, my heart stopped as though he'd brought bad news.
      茶花女:Chapter 222012-06-22
      It was the first time anything like this had happened. At length, the gardener appeared I entered the house.
      茶花女:Chapter 232012-06-22
      WHEN I was something like myself once more, I could not believe that the new day which was dawning would not be exactly like all the days that had gone before.
      茶花女:Chapter 242012-06-21
      IT was something, but it was not enough. I knew what power I had over her, and took cowardly advantage of it.
      茶花女:Chapter 252012-06-21
      ARMAND, wearied by the telling of his long tale which had been frequently interrupted by his tears, placed both hands on his forehead and closed his eyes? either to think or to try to sleep? after giving me the pages written in Marguerite's hand.