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      史蒂夫·喬布斯(Steve Jobs,1955年2月24日—2011年10月5日),出生于美國加利福尼亞州舊金山,美國發明家、企業家、美國蘋果公司聯合創辦人。




      Drinking a beer, huh? Tomorrows a big day for you.For us.For us.喝啤酒啊? 明天是你的大日子.我們的大日子.嗯 我們的
      Yes. Daniel gets nothing.Nothing? 沒錯 丹尼爾沒有股份.沒有股份?
      regardless of whether you sign it or not.不管你簽不簽這個字都一樣
      Steve, he was our best programmer in the division.史蒂夫 那是我們部門最好的程序設計師
      Well, Bill? If you dont share our enthusiasm,and care for the vision of this company...比爾 你說呢? 如果你不能共享我們的熱忱.不認同這家公司的理念...
      《名人傳記》之史蒂夫·喬布斯傳26:勇于冒險 保持領先2017-12-03
      Lisa. Guys, its the future.Im telling you right now.麗莎 伙計們 我現在告訴你們.這個產品 代表著未來
      Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Steve Jobs.女士們 先生們 我是史蒂夫·喬布斯
      hat? Youre...He says its not his, but I would never...什么? 你有了...他說孩子不是他的 但是我從沒有外遇...
      Okay, Im sorry. Could you repeat that? 行 對不起 你能再說一遍嗎? Im sorry.不好意思
      Uh...What my colleague is trying to say is...Where was your last employment? Intel.呃...我同事想問的是...你之前在哪里工作? 英特爾
      Im Mike Markkula.Steve. Jobs.Steve. I heard a lot about you.我叫麥克·馬庫拉.我是史蒂夫·喬布斯.史蒂夫 久仰大名
      What the hell is the matter with people? Take it the call went well.這些人到底怎么回事? 看來電話打得不順利
      Were talking about the future.Were working in a market that doesnt even exist yet.我們是在說朝陽產業,這市場還沒人開始做.
      Its the first ever all-in-one personal home computer.And you called me because? 這是世界上第一臺一體機.你叫我來干什么?
      All right.Show me this revolutionary piece of shit.The Apple ll.好吧.帶我看看所謂的革命性的東東.Apple II 電腦
      All right. As promised.Nice board.Wheres the rest? The rest? This is all of them.好了 說到做到,這主機板不錯,其余的部分在哪兒? 其余的? 就這些了
      Woz. Huh? We got a problem. Huh? We got to figure out what to do with all these employees.沃茲... 干嘛? 我們有麻煩了 呃? 我們得想辦法怎樣安排這幾個員工
      Good. Well, itll be good to see you building something.那就好 希望你們能做點大事
      Bunch of Pauls. Im...I think were kindred spirits here.一群人叫保羅 我...我認為 我們有共同點
      And as you can see...its much smaller, and cheaper to manufacture and build...顯而易見...它更加小巧 便宜 容易生產和組裝...
      《名人傳記》之史蒂夫·喬布斯傳11:大道至簡 卻又博大精深2017-11-25
      That is so much better than Phaser Beam Computers.Its naming it after a fruit.這比我想的向量光電腦公司好多了,它得名于一種水果.
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